The most beautiful islands you have ever seen

Caribbean or the Caribbean is a region which includes the Caribbean Sea, the islands and around (mostly flank them) and the coast of continents that surround it. The area is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and North America, east of Central America and northern South America.

A few things you didn't know about the Caribbean

  1. Caribbean is the second largest barrier reef in the world after Australia's reef.
  2. The small island ,Barbados, shaped like a pear, is one of the most popular Caribbean islands and most developed for tourism.
  3. Jamaica is one of the most fascinating islands in the Caribbean, and has much to offer beyond the beautiful beaches, there are mountains in ancient green tropical vegetation, wide rivers, caves, waterfalls and wonderful natural sites.
  4. The best restaurants in the Caribbean can be found, according to many, the island of Guadeloupe, offers an extraordinary blend of African cuisine, French and Caribbean.
  5. Fort Christian , built in honor of the King of Denmark , is the only one to be maintained building countless hurricanes , earthquakes and fires that struck the island of St. Thomas.
  6. Puerto Rico is the island's rain forest and the Kordiliirh , capped reach 1,500 meters .

Why did we chose the Caribbean?

We chose the Caribbean as a project because we were looking for

interesting and original place and we found pictures of the Caribbean .

We loved the pictures and we were looking for online information about

the islands , we found a beautiful place with a stunning beaches with

colorful coral reefs with a wide variety of rare animals .


We discovered the Caribbean many things we did not know before the

project , we have expanded our knowledge of the place .

We expanded our vocabulary in English while reading and translation

of parts of the work and finding information on the Internet .

We enjoyed the writing process and the cooperation between us ,

we liked to look at different images of special landscapes .

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