Milkweed Bugs


life cycle

Milkweed bugs life cycle is nymph.
The milkweed is a nymph then a milkweed bug has five nymph stages.
Then a milkweed bug is an adult.
It takes about a month to be a adult.


Milkweed bugs are red orange and black.
These are the things of the milkweed bugs body.
Milkweed bugs have six legs
A milkweed bug has a head.
A milkweed bug has a abdomen.
A milkweed has a thorax.


Milkweed babies are so small.
You can barely see the milkweed bug babies.
When you look at the milkweed babies they look organ.
Milkweed bug babies do not crawl up high.


How they are so small.
You can not see the milkweed bugs well.

When some thing eats a milkweed bug it will get sick.
By a milkweed bugs color.


Milkweed bugs live in trees and grass.
Milkweed bugs live on milkweed plants.
Milkweed bugs lives in a big forest.

Milkweed bugs live in plants.
Milkweed bugs live on rocks.