Internet Find of the Week - April 8, 2013

Hello 2013!

Many of you have been asking when the next Jontracation will be delivered. Well, here it is!

For the past few weeks, Mr. Dirksen and I have been hosting a series of parent meetings. The purpose of these meetings has been to educate and equip our parents to better manage the technology that their children are already using.

Wow, that's a huge topic. Only 18 people came to our first meeting. But those 18 asked us to repeat the meeting so they could invite their friends. At our second meeting, we had a presentation by U.S. Federal Marshall Dan Phillips. He explained social media from a law enforcement perspective. What he shared was shocking. Our third meeting was a packed house!

These meetings have consumed my time. The information, however, is valuable to you as a parent and as a teacher. Our students are using technology and especially social media. If you use Facebook or other social media sites, are you familiar with the privacy settings? If you aren't, you need to know everything you can to protect your privacy online.

GCS Parent Meeting - Internet Safety
GCS Parent Meeting - Social Media

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Parent Meeting Materials

If you want additional tools and resources that will help you better manage the technology your students are already using, click on the link below. Learn about the rating system the iTunes store uses for apps. Learn how to set restrictions on your various iDevices. Look at privacy settings in various social media sites.

Internet Safety Materials -- Click Here