Russia Trip

Blake Graves and Dane Hile

The Moscow Zoo

Over 8,000 animals to see.

St. Petersburg

The country's cultural center. Population of about 5 million. Very cold in the winter time.

The Moscow Zoo Dolphinarium

Half hour shows with trained water creatures. Can take photographs after the shows.

Gorky Park

The most famous entertainment park in Russia. Rides for children and adults. Best time to go is in the summer.

St. Petersburg Zoo

The oldest zoo in Russia. Over 2,000 animals. Has a stable so kids can learn how to take care and ride horses.


A Russian city on the Black Sea. Hosted 2014 Winter Olympics. Also home to the columned winter theater.


Kids can play, touch, and take pictures of large model dinosaurs. There are other activities, such as rides for kids to go on. Along with restaurants.

“Krasin” Icebreaker

A special floating museum. Can go on board a 90 year old icebreaker. Two types of tours, go around the vessel or explore the engine room.

Railway Museum

Has items that shows the history of the railway in Russia. There is models and state of the art locomotives.


The capital and the largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Contains water parks, ski resorts, theater, and cathedrals.

Lake Baikal

The oldest and deepest freshwater lake on the planet. Contains nearly 20 percent of the planet's surface fresh water that isn't frozen in icecaps


A resort town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, by the Black Sea. Has water parks, beaches, safaris, amusement rides, and safari parks.

Luzhniki Stadium

A sports stadium in Moscow. Soccer stadium. Retractable roof. Can seat 78,360 people.

Moscow kremlin

A fortified complex in the heart of Moscow. From the Kremlin you can see the Moskva River.

The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

One of the most expensive and best rated hotels in Moscow.


Day 1- June 1. Go to the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow to drop off bags and check in. We'll take the bus to the Moscow Zoo. While at the zoo we will visit the Dolphinarium. At the end of the day we will go back to the hotel to rest and eat.

Day 2- June 2. We will take the bus to Moscow Kremlin. Then go to Luzhniki Stadium to watch a soccer game. Go back to the hotel and get ready for tomorrow.

Day 3- June 3. Wake up and take the bus to Gorky Park. Spend the whole day the park. Go back to the hotel and get ready to go to St. Petersburg.

Day 4- June 4. Spend the day traveling by train to St. Petersburg. Check in at the hotel and spend the rest of the day there.

Day 5- June 5. Take the bus to St. Petersburg Zoo. Spend half the day there. The rest of the day will be spent at St. Petersburg, looking at all the attractions. Then go back to the hotel and sleep.

Day 6- June 6. Wake up, take the bus to railway museum. Next stop is the "Krasin Icebreaker", to finish up the museums. As normal, finally go back to the hotel and rest.

Day 7- June 7. For the last day in St. Petersburg, we will spend it at Dino Park. We will eat at some restaurant and go back to the hotel and relax the rest of the day.

Day 8- June 8. Today we will wake up and take the train to the Black Sea. Check in the hotel and get ready for tomorrow.

Day 9- June 9. Eat breakfast, then take the bus to Gelendzhik for half the day. The other half will be spent at Sochi looking at the attractions.Then go back to the hotel and rest.

Day 10- June 10. Today we will take the train to Kazan. This will just be a stop on our way to Lake Baikal.

Day 11- June 11. Today is our last day on the trip. We're going to relax at Lake Baikal all day.

Day 12- June 12. We're going back home today.

Visit Russia!!!

Russia has many attractions to visit. There is a lot you can learn, such as their history. Many famous places are scattered all over Russia. People say the best time to go is winter, but you can go whenever and still have a great experience.