Help Wanted!

We need the perfect Samurai!

What your duty has to be

You have to be the best samurai possible and you have to protect the people from the greedy daimyos

The place to test out if you are the perfect Samurai

Tuesday, May 5th, 6pm


You will show the judges if you are the perfect samurai.

You have to come prepared which means bring all your equipment.

Be ready to duel with other samurais to prove that you are the chosen one.

How to become a good samurai

You have to be loyal

You have to follow the code of honor

And pledge to the noble lord

And lastly you have to be a good protector.

Your hair and wardrobe matter!

-Make sure you take great care with styling your hair.

-Your hair must be pulled back in a topknot which is called a chomage. And you have to shave the top of your head when you put a helmet on because all of your hair gets in the way!!

-With your wardrobe you must wear your kimono which consists a outer and inner layer. this is made of silk

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The code you have to follow!

There is a big code for the samurai warriors that you have to follow! this code is called the Bushido code. This code guides you samurais in life and death. Loyalty plays a big part and honor in life!!
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And lastly you make sure you have your weapons!!

The samurais weapons consist of a sword which can be a katana. You will need this weapon so that you can protect the people from the Daimyos!!!
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