Stop Light Pollution

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Light Pollution

Have you seen many pretty lights in NYC! Well then this is going to be sad news because those city lights are an example of LIGHT POLLUTION.... DUH DUH DUH! I know these can be pretty but this is hurting our earth! AND OUR EARTH IS IMPORTANT!! SO because of this laws has been passed on limiting the lights! Here are some more things about light pollution!

Light pollution is something us humans has caused. For example in New York City the lights they create has a special glow! Just because of that people sadly cannot see the stars.So just because of that astronomers cannot do their WORK!!! Did you also know that the lights can shine in unwanted places. More lights can waste so much energy.And another thing is that artificial CAN HARM WILDLIFE! IT CAN CHANGE ANIMALS MOVES AND BEHAVIOR!!! Did you know that lights do not only shine on the sky but can shine on the ground too. Lights that are shielded can make sure their are no light pollution. Some place fight on light pollution! Many places have laws about limiting light pollution because we want to make the world shine but also want to make the world safe!

Here are some ways we can stop light pollution

  1. When you are done using the lights make sure you turn them OFF!
  2. Tell other people about the pollution maybe they can help too
  3. Maybe you write a letter to people that can do it!
  4. Write posters and flyers and post them around some places