Call of the Wild

By: Jack London


Buck was a dog forced into the world of snowy world of sledding. He was a very brisk and rapid learner with help of the other dogs. He grew with a passion for the sled but not as much for some of his teammates. He was a fierce warrior showing his strength and standing his dominance by killing the leader. He was passed on from owner to owner learning new tricks. On his last run he was starved and almost beaten to death for if it would have not been for the courageous act of john thornton saving his life. Then on out Buck and John lived as a perfect pair saving each others back time after time.

Buck and John were able to find the “valley of gold” where they settle down for a while. Buck heard the sounds of a wild wolf in the forest and started to leave camp for days. He eventually found it but soon remembered John Thornton. When he returned however there he was still there but not all of him. He was slaughtered by the Indians and so buck did to them. He then sets out to find the pack he had been searching for and when he does he is able to achieve his destiny in as pack leader.

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Interview with Buck

Theme - Knowledge and Wisdom

Character - Buck

Interviewer: How did your first owners perlut and francis help you throughout the rest of your journey?

Buck: They were the ones who showed me the way of the ropes and taught me how to survive as a sled dog and overall without them I don’t know where I would be.

Interviewer: What about your fellow dogs, how did they help teach you?

Buck: Just as much if anything more, they taught me to be fierce and how to stay in check.

Interviewer: How did you take your knowledge from your first time on the trails and apply it to the rest of your journey?

Buck: Not only did it help me but I was able to teach my new teammates and teach them how to survive just like how I was.

Interviewer: Without the knowledge you gained where do you think you would be today?

Buck: Probably lying dead on the trails, without the wisdom that I gained I would not have survived.

Interviewer: Finally what do you plan to do with all of the knowledge and wisdom you have collected?

Buck: I hope that I can spread it to all of the future sled dogs and help them with their journey just like how I was.

Theme Influence Quotes

“His eyes turned blood-shot, and he was metamorphosed into a raging fiend. So changed was he that the Judge himself would not have recognized him”

Buck learned easily, and under the combined tuition of his two mates and François made remarkable progress

T'ree vair' good dogs," François told Perrault. "Dat Buck, heem pool lak hell. I tich heem queek as anyt'ing.

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The Passing of a Man

Today was the unfortunate passing of a great man by the name of John Thornton. Those that passed on with him include his friends Hans and Pete. He lived on the trails stopping now and then for a break but he never really had a home, always sledding. After all that was his passions, his dream, he was a dog sledder trying to find the valley of gold. He was able to but in the end it lead to his demise. He owned the legendary dog who goes by the name of Buck, being able to pull a sled of 1,000 pounds all by himself. John himself however was a caring individual who had a passion for each of his dogs. He will be mourned for his courageous acts on the trail and his excitement that he brought through the valley. May he rest in peace.

Made by Ted Waugh