Gilmore's Classroom Newsletter

November 2022

Upcoming Dates:

November 18: PTO Movie Night & Silent Auction

November 21-22 Puberty Lessons (see previously sent letter)

December 6: 5th grade Winter Music Show, Schofield Gym, 7:45 pm.

30 in 30 Reading Challenge

Our class is doing a 30 in 30 Reading Challenge for the month of November! Each student set a reading goal of their choice based on 30 ( ______ ) in 30 days. Students that complete the 30/30 challenge will get to celebrate with a Taco Party! Happy Reading!

Chromebooks coming home!

Each student has been assigned a district Chromebook to use both at school and at home, if needed. As we approach the winter weather season, starting Tuesday, November 1, elementary students will begin taking these devices to and from school each day in the case of inclement weather.

While our district will still plan to utilize “snow days” in the event of winter storms, there is a limit to how many we are allowed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In an effort to prevent our students and staff from having to make up missed days at the end of the school year, students taking devices home daily allows the district to be able to quickly implement an AMI Day (virtual learning), if needed. This will continue for elementary students through the month of March.

Elementary students should not have a need to utilize their school devices outside of school hours. Therefore, it's recommended they stay in backpacks at home when not needed for learning or when not charging. We ask that families send their students to school every day with their fully-charged Chromebook and charger.

If an AMI day needs to be implemented, directions from teachers will be shared with our families and students, which will ensure a smooth day of virtual learning.

Seesaw Update

Seesaw is coming back, soon!

Info from the Office

Free & Reduced Lunch Application - ALL FAMILIES

The application for free/reduced meals is also now available through the SISK12 Parent Portal. Take note, qualifications for this benefit may have changed. While this application was not required for the last two school years, it must be filled out to utilize this benefit during the 2022-2023 school year.

Even if your family does not anticipate qualifying for discounted meals, the free/reduced meal status of our students provides many other opportunities outside of meals. As noted in the graphic above, the percentage of students who qualify for free/reduced meals in our district allows our schools to receive important federal funding that supports student literacy growth, Leader in Me resources and various programs that provide needs for our most at-risk learners.

Go to to complete yours form!

Each class will earn an EXTRA RECESS when they reach 90% of students with a completed Free/Reduced Lunch Application!

Leadership Portfolios

Students are setting and tracking goals in their leadership portfolios. Portfolios will be sent home at the end of each month so you can see progress and celebrations!


PLEASE READ and TAKE ACTION ASAP if you plan on attending the field trip or volunteering for Field Day in May.

Building Improvement Plan and School Performance

It is Schofield Elementary's goal to make sure more than 82% of students are proficient with Missouri Learning Standards for math and literacy. We are currently working on....

Reading: I identify a characters perspective and POV.

Math: I can add and subtract fractions.

Writing: I know how non fiction texts are structured.

Science: I know what causes shadows.

Social Studies:


Our building level goal is to have a proportional attendance rate of more than 95%.

We are working on spelling TIGERS. Students earn a letter for each day our class has perfect attendance. So far we have T-I-G-E

Classroom Celebrations!

We earned 100 Tiger Badges! We celebrated by choosing a prize from the "Schofield Canteen Store".

Math: I can read, write, and identify numbers billions through thousandths. Our classroom goal is for 80% to be proficient (met) with this goal. We were able to meet and surpass our goal- 92% of our class is MET with this goal!

PDSA Goals:

Math: I can add and subtract fractions.

Literacy: I can identify POV and perspective in text.

Counselors Update from Mrs. Fenske

The School Counselor (Cindy Fenske) visited the classroom this week

We talked about Personal and Social Development and that ALL of our feelings are okay to feel and no one can tell us how to feel.

We played a game call "Emotional Hodgepodge" and got to play with play doh and test our acting abilities. Ask your student exactly what we did.

Daily Schedule

8:30- Specials

9:40- WIN (Monday-Thursday)

10:10- Reading/Writing Workshop


1:10- Math

2:30- Content

3:30- End of Day

*Early Release EVERY Friday- 2:30 pm.


Monday- Library

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Art

Friday- Computers

Wake Up, Learn Stuff, Be Awesome!