Edgar Degas

Famous for his painting, sculpting, printmaking, and drawing


Degas graduated from the Lycée Louis-le-Grand in 1853.When he was 18 years old he was admitted to copy the great works of other artists at the Louvre museum. For the most part, he focused on the painting the intriguing angles of female dancers in action. He was the main influence behind Pablo Picasso's work.

In 1868 Degas became a member of Avant-Garde, then later volunteered to be in the French National Guard.

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Life in Paris

On July 19, 1834 Degas was born in Paris, France. He led the rest of his life being raised on the streets of Paris. Degas never married, though he was a close friend to Monet, Sisley, and other great artists. Together they formed the Society of Independent Artists, otherwise known as the impressionists. He impacted Paris greatly with his art that has touched and inspired many.