Jaguar Journal

Week of 9.16.19

Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, September 16th:

  • Specials PLC 11:30 in conference room
  • BEST Meeting in Brennan's room after dismissal

Tuesday, September 17th:

  • 5th/K PLC

  • MTSS at 11 in PLC room

  • School Leadership Team Meeting in Exley's room after dismissal

Wednesday, September 18th:

  • 4th/1st PLC

  • District MTSS 1 - 4 (Ross, Evans, Loftus, Murray)

Thursday, September 19th:

  • 3nd/2nd PLC

Friday, September 20th:

  • Movie Night for the PTA (Farrell Field)

Progress Reports go home Wednesday, September 25th!!

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Thank you to everyone that helped make our first PTA/Parent Teacher Partnership a SUCCESS!

District Forms:

  • Forms - On Thursday we put several district forms in your boxes to go home with students/families that I received Wednesday at the monthly principal meeting. Please send these home asap if you haven’t already. It would be wonderful if you could encourage students to return them as quickly as possible.

  • Technology Responsible Use Form - We must limit technology use if we do not have the Technology Responsible Use Form by Wednesday, September 25th. After you have logged who has returned them, please turn forms into Evonne.

  • Media Non Consent Form - We only need this back IF the parent doesn’t want their child photographed/shared online. IF THEY return it without boxes checked, this is ok. This form is only needed if the family wants to opt out. After you have logged who has returned them, please turn them into Evonne.

  • Chatham Pass Out - This is new for 19-20. This will allow students to have access to the public library. This form is only needed if the family wants to opt out.

  • Residency Form - This is going home with everyone this year. If parents complete the form, please turn it in to Evonne.

  • Safety Letter - this is just for information purposes. However, I would love for you to share this paragraph (that will be included in the weekly call) with students to make sure they understand that toys are NOT appropriate at school. You wouldn’t believe the things that live inside the backpacks of our students. Everything from rotten bananas and gym clothes to overdue library books and missing permission slips/forms. Please remember to regularly monitor your child’s backpack and other belongings to ensure that they don’t contain any inappropriate items or toys that are not appropriate for school. Your partnership will help ensure that students come to school with only the tools they need to support their academic success.Thank you for your partnership.


  • Equity Team rep - if you are interested in joining Mandy to represent NCE on the district Equity Team, please let me know by Tuesday, September 17th. NCE Time is available for serving/representing NCE on this district committee!

  • Calendar Committee - It is almost time for the planning meetings to begin for the 20-21 school calendar. If you would like to join in on this process, please let Carla know by Tuesday, September 17th. NCE has been asked to send a certified representative this year. NCE Time is available for serving/representing NCE on this district committee!

  • Chatham Education Grants - It is that time of year again, that Chatham Education Foundation is accepting grant applications for the Creative Teaching Grants: and the Media Center Grants: These are easy grants to apply for and we have received several over the years!! Please consider applying! They are due October 4th!

  • IStation: Please remember that if you have not already started to assess IStation, everyone should start to assess IStation on Monday, September 16th. The window closes September 30th. As more and more teachers have begun to assess we are learning more and more, so keep exploring and sharing!

    • Ms. Sistrunk tested the Stop button! If you want to have a student stop assessing to continue later, you can hit pause and then log them out. Or you can have students hit stop. It will then ask them “Are you sure you want to exit “yes” or “no”?” Choose yes. Both ways will save the student’s data so they start at the place they left off.

    • Mrs. Hackney discovered that if you have students testing over multiple days, you can see where students are in their assessment by:

      • Going to your home screen, clicking “Classroom”

      • You will see a table of all your students

      • Click on the right hand side column under “Activity this week”

      • A Summary - Student History Report will show up for the student and tell you what subtests they have completed so far, the time spent testing, and a few other testing facts.

    • We love how many teachers are already trying to pull up reports and analyze the data!! Please put any questions about IStation reports and data on this document so Mandy can ask the IStation rep during her training.

  • iReady BOY Diagnostic: Your BOY testing window for iReady is: September 9th – October 11th.

    • Students should have the first diagnostic of the school year automatically assigned to them. It will prompt them to begin their assessment the first time that they login this year.

    • Use this PowerPoint presentation to prepare students for a Diagnostic and engage them with i-Ready. Detailed facilitation notes are provided in the notes section of each slide.

    • Remember that the first diagnostic assessment of the year determines each student’s Typical and Stretch Growth targets. If students have a rush flag on the assessment, you may wish to consider retesting them to get accurate growth targets for the year.

    • Attached is a data chat to use with students after their first diagnostic to help them track their progress and reflect on their data. When students complete a diagnostic assessment this year (grades 3-8), the scale score for the assessment will appear on the screen at the completion.

  • Math Framework: If you want a good laugh, check out the music video from the District Math Team introducing you to the new district math instructional delivery guide. Please then look at this math instructional delivery guide to see what it all encompasses. There will be PD happening across the district this year to ensure schools understand the expected components. Several of our PLCs have started creating their grade level's math framework and we think you'll see how closely aligned we already are to the district expectations; but we'll continue to work on this in PLCs.

  • Public School Works - Each year, employees are assigned online courses to complete through PublicSchoolWORKS. All employees should have received course assignments via email (initially issued on June 10, 2019). As a reminder the deadline for course completion is September 30, 2019. All employees hired after August 19, 2019, should have received an alternate completion deadline. Please see Carla/Eddie if you have questions.

  • Sub Plans Anytime you have a sub, please instruct them in your plans to eat lunch with your class. They are on the clock and not in need of planning.

  • Bulletin Boards - Some bulletin boards are still blank! Please help! It is always awesome to see student work up!

Duties for the Week:

AM Duty:
Early Bus/Cafe/Lobby - Trejio, K. Horton

Main Lobby/Hallway - Webster

Intersection/MPR Lobby - Gendron

4th/5th Hallway - Spencer

Buses - Trygar

Cars - Murray, Avila, Brooks, Parrish, Alvarez, Stahoviak, B. Horton

PM Duty:

Bus Ramp - Trygar, Bland, Crankshaw

Late Bus - Trygar, Avila, Alvarez, Parrish, K. Horton, Brooks

Cars - Harrington, Lien, Young, Layman, Vivanco, Rockett, B. Horton, Lippy

Webster - TL, Ross - TL

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THANK YOU Sunshine Committee for helping us celebrate Friday with a Tailgate! It was YUMMY!