Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell... was born on March 3rd 1847.

Alexander Graham Bell... occupations were Educator foe deaf, Linguist, Inventor, and a scientist.

Alexander Graham Bell... his mother and wife were deaf

Alexander Graham Bell... he died on August 2 1922

Alexander Graham Bell... taught Helen Keller

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He was a VIP because he created the telephone that communicated with the deaf and made far away calls. The telephone idea was first thought of in the 1870s's Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell raced to the designing table and started designing. Alexander Graham Bell got there first and he was tittle the person who invented the telephone.

What were you most famous for?

Invented the phone that made long distance calls. First call was made on August 10th 1876. He invented the first metal detector to help find a bullet in president James Garfield.