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Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week! Please consider taking a few moments to share a story or express gratitude to a teacher or teachers. I can tell you that every educator sometimes doubts whether what they are doing is making a difference. We know that’s not true! Let them know the importance that they hold in our society and in the hearts of our parents and kids!

Here are some thoughts:

1. Tell a story about how a teacher personally touched your life on social media. Be sure to make the message public so that it can be shared! It doesn’t have to be long!

2. Have your student write a note of thanks to their teacher. Take a picture and share it with the world!

3. If there has been a coach, secretary, bus driver, custodian, maintenance/grounds person, cafeteria worker, or any other member of our school community who has been a positive influence in your child’s life, share that with our community!

4. Send an email to a teacher or teachers thanking them for their hard work.

5. Send a simple thank you note to your child’s teacher.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Bowling


Crawfordsville Community School Corporation

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MOOOOOOOOO! It's Farm Week!

Miss Rita will be adding some new students to the Willson family! They will be tiny, yellow, and they will hatch out of eggs. The eggs will arrive on Monday morning and the baby chicks should hatch out within a day or two. This is one of our favorite activities and all of the classes will get a chance to hang out with our new friends.

"Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type" is a fun story about cows, chickens and ducks that decide to make some interesting demands to Farmer Brown. If you lived in a barn, what would you like to have to make life more comfortable? Listen to the story and giggle along with the farm animal shenanigans!

Farmers' Market

Are you looking for some farm fresh goodness to add to your meals? The Crawfordsville Farmers' Market is now open. Check out the link below for all the details. Try out the scavenger hunt and see how many items you can find!
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Fun Friday

Farmers need to keep the sun out of their eyes so let's all wear hats on Friday, May 10th! Baseball hats, cowboy hats, or whatever you have will work just fine.

Important Dates

Preschool Graduation

*Graduation for our Family Literacy students (Miss Lisa and Miss Rita's classes) will be Wednesday, May 22nd. AM classes will have their ceremony at 6:00 PM and PM classes will be at 7:00 PM.

*Graduation for our Developmental Preschool students (Miss Leanna and Mr. Joey's classes) will be Thursday, May 23rd. There will be 1 ceremony and it will begin at 6:00 PM.

You do not need to arrive before your child's scheduled time. At the time assigned we will call the graduates out to a different room to put on their caps and gowns. These caps and gowns are provided by and will stay at the school. There will be plenty of time after the ceremony to take photos with your child in a cap and gown. When you are done taking photos you will need to return the items to the room so they are ready for the next group of graduates. There will be activities available during this time to keep little ones occupied while they are waiting for the ceremony to start. There will also be snacks and drinks available afterwards. Children that are moving on to kindergarten are the only students that will be recognized at graduation.

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