3 Things I Enjoy Doing


I love to play soccer. I enjoy playing soccer because I play with a great team. My team has won so many tournaments over the years together, I have around 20 medals from winning tournaments. My team makes me love soccer more than I already love it. I have made a lot of friends over the past few years playing for EGA.


I loved doing track, even though we had to run. We had some hard practices, and some easy ones. The meets were my favorite because you got to see your friends from other schools, and maybe run against them. I have only done one year of track, but I am excited for next year.


I love to play basketball. Our first year of Jr High basketball was awesome. We didn't win every game, but we played as a team. I am always trying to get better, by going outside and shooting hoops or working on my ball handling. Ever time we go outside it is always basketball.
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