11 March 2021

Dear Parents and Staff

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Dear Parents and Staff

Our Lenten spotlight today is on Almsgiving. In his Lenten Message in February Pope Francis, in reference to Almsgiving, stated that:

“Only a gaze transformed by charity can enable the dignity of others to be recognized and, as a consequence, the poor to be acknowledged and valued in their dignity, respected in their identity and culture, and thus truly integrated into society” (Fratelli Tutti, 187).

The challenge facing us is two-fold; not only should we support those in need of assistance but, at the same time, we must ensure that their dignity is protected. Most people who find themselves in difficult circumstances are not responsible for their situation and none of us is in a position to judge others so, if you are to give to those who are less fortunate, do so with a generous spirit, an open heart and without any expectation of something in return. It is my experience that we often receive so much more in return when we give generously and without expectation.


There is now only a week until our Year Three children, along with children from St Maria Goretti School and the Notre Dame Parish will receive the Sacrament of Penance in the Church next Thursday evening. This evening parents and children will participate in a workshop as the final step in their preparation. The workshop will commence in the Church at 6.00pm with an address by Fr Quynh and then move across to the school for a range of activities.


There was high excitement this morning as the children from Years 4-6 arrived at school, ready for their Faction Swimming Carnival. At the time of writing the newsletter I hadn’t attended the Carnival but look forward to getting across to Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre around lunchtime to see some of the action. My thanks to Mr Brett Webb who has, again, organised an excellent Carnival that will allow all children to participate at a level appropriate to their swimming ability.


As Miss Sharna McKinlay has been unwell this week, the Year 2M Assembly has been postponed until next Friday 19 March, commencing at 9.00am in the Multi-Purpose Hall. Two family members for each child are invited to attend the Assembly and the children from other classes will have the presentation live streamed to their classroom.

There will be a virtual Merit Assembly tomorrow and I look forward to being able to acknowledge the great work of many of the children. Parents of the Award recipients will be sent a recorded copy of the presentation.


With over 100 families registered to attend, this is shaping up to be a great night of bonding for the dads and their kids. The movie “Dolittle” which has a PG rating has been chosen to show on the big screen. Please ensure that your forms are handed in at the school office if you haven’t already done so.


This event was planned to be held early in the school year as a welcome back event. Unfortunately, due to the false start to the school year, the P&F needed to re-schedule the event. It will now be held on the last Friday of Term to celebrate all that we have achieved. Please come along and enjoy the entertainment and the range of great food and refreshments that will be available for very reasonable prices.

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It’s hard to believe we are nearly at the end of Term One! It feels like the weeks have been flying by in Year Five and we have had a very busy and productive start to the year. The Year Five students have been focusing on taking responsibility for their own choices about learning and behaviour, being mindful and showing gratitude… all while working hard in each of the learning areas! Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to so far this year:


We are lucky to be one of the year groups participating in Maker Space this term. Each week the students make their way to the library and, under the tutelage of Mrs Mullins, Mrs Samardin and Mrs Dyke, engage with robotics, coding and technology. The students have been split into two groups with one group creating a Gold Rush “museum” using Dash and Dot as a robotic tour guide, and the other creating a timeline of events from the Gold Rush using Mine Craft Education. The groups will swap activities at the mid-term mark.

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“The work we are doing is so fun because we imagine a robot taking you around a museum and you can be creative!” – Samuel Anan, 5M

“For Maker Space we are doing Minecraft! I have really enjoyed doing my timeline and museum and it is very fun.” – Eli Alvis


In HASS this term, we have been researching the Australian gold rush as a significant part of Australia’s history. We have been learning about the harsh reality of daily life on the goldfields of Victoria in the early 1850s, including accommodation and living conditions, diet, health, mining methods and the problems associated with needing a “gold licence”. It has been very interesting learning about the events that led to the rebellion known as the Eureka Stockade and we are looking forward to finding out more about why this has become known as the birth of Australian democracy.

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For writing this term, our Year Five students have been busy creating narratives. They have been learning about the structure of a narrative and are beginning to use key features to enhance their stories. We are looking forward to reading them!

And finally, some of our favourite things about being in Year Five:

“Doing work with more challenges” – Chloe D.

“Learning about life on the goldfields” – Bailey W.

“Hanging out with my friends and having fun and doing harder work” – Tiger R.

“Doing fun art” – Isabella B.

“Having more challenges and Maths is fun” – Jay G.

“We get to do BTN and Guided Reading” – Elliette B.

“Being in the senior school” – Emali D.

“Having nice teachers and learning a lot of new stuff” – Michaela C.

“We get to have brain breaks where we split doing work with having a rest” – Harry C.

“Mr Seers and doing Sport with the year sixes” – Ciaran C.

Mr Seers, Mrs Jennings & Mrs Crabbe

The NationalRide2School Day

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'Your Move Parent Survey' - Please click and complete.
Introducing Your Move Schools


Canteen is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Volunteers are welcome to assist in the canteen. Please see me at the canteen.

Thank you to the Notre Dame School community for their continued support. Please remember to order your Sushi on Wednesday for Friday. See the attached flyers for the Lent specials.

Hope to see you at the canteen.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen Co-ordinator

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Orders for uniform items are to be placed by emailing Mrs Danielle Lawrie ( The order form and price list are on the school website ( under "School Services."

Uniform Shop is open on Monday and Thursday 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator


Did you know that a second hand uniform page, which is hosted and managed by Notre Dame CPS parents, operates on Facebook? This is a great place for you to buy and sell quality second hand uniforms. The active site is available to all members of the community who access Facebook. You can also access second hand uniforms at the school's uniform shop.


School Banking is held every Thursday from 8.00am in the library.

Barbara Jamieson

School Banking Coordinator


Dads' & Kids Camp Out

The film "DoLittle" will be screened on the night.
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Aranmore Catholic College’s 2022 Scholarships are now open.

If your child excels in Academics, Music, Science, Mathematics or has an entrepreneurial spirit, apply today at

Applications close mid-March.


Cloverdale Dental Clinic is open from 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

Cloverdale Dental Clinic is a free service and cater for school age children/teens from Kindy & Pre-Primary from the year they turn 5 to the end of year 11 or their 17th Birthday, whichever occurs first.

We are a Bachelor of Oral Health Final year placement clinic during university semesters. An experienced tutor oversees all check-ups and procedures.

It is not compulsory to enrol with the School Dental Service, if your children are having regular dental check-ups and treatment with their private family dentist, consider withdrawing from the school service. This will enable us to service those that are unable to access private dentistry. If circumstances change, you are welcome to re-enrol at any time.

If your address has changed/changes, please call us, as we send appointments to your home address, we also require current mobile phone numbers to send out text message reminders.

If your child has a toothache, please phone us on 9479 7222 between 8am-4pm, if you have an emergency outside of work hours, please contact your family dentist or the Emergency Service on 1800 098 818.


Cloverdale Dental Therapy Centre Staff

180 Fisher St (Clinic access through Gate 5 off Hendra St)

Cloverdale 6105

Ph: 9479 7222

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