Women&Children on the Goldfield

By Adel 5B

Children moved school frequently because their parents moved locatoins in search for gold.Moving to new location also meant that schools were not established.Children when they had no edunation of their own.Many children did not speak english and could not read or write.Some children receive no education, these children had to work on the goldfield panning for gold or performing duties such as cleaning and looking after horses.

Roles and resposibilities of women

Some girls were diging and some were shop kepers.There where more men then girls on the goldfield.Some girls were dancing because people would give them little nuggets to buy things.Women on the goldfield were making sope,cloths,food,jame and more


By 1854 there were 4,023 on the ballart goldfield.208 women were paid emploment.When gold was first discoverd people left there families.only 5% of all women were single

women and children healths

Life on the goldfield was really bad for young kids to dig on the goldfield.Many kids have died from dierea and hunger.Some children have died from harsh weather.When women get a baby on the goldfield there women would help.

children and womens health

Children health on the goldfield wos terrible because they have past away with diseas.Many children have got sick from harsh ealther.99% of children have died on the Australia goldfield