Dannie's Poems

I Hope You Injoy My Wonerful Poems!

Read them an tell me what you think!

I Wonder...

I wonder how people get to where their going when they don't have a motorized vehicle.

I mean I just wonder,

Do they walk,

Or do they run?

Do they call other people,

Or take the bus?

I just wonder.

I Wonder...

I wonder if the moon will ever move out of sight,

If one day it just disappears.

What would happen,

Who will be brave enough to discover the undiscovered?

I Used To. But Now...

I used to run,

Tried to stop

And turn around,

But now, I stride,

I must keep going,

I will keep going

No matter the outcome because I am,

Cheddar Bob!

I Used To. But Now...

I usually have money,

I work hard for what I want.

The money that comes in is very different from what I get handed.

But now, I work.

I work so hard that that I know I am worth the money I get handed.

I try to be the best I can be because come on now, "who would pay a slacker?"

I Wonder...

I wonder if I will be good,

Is their anyone to help?

Can I get help please?

I wonder if that guy could help me?

Sir, will you help me?


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