Law Enforcement

Police Officer By: alana consla

What do they actually do

The police officers prevent crime in their city, investigate crime, reach out in the community, and rite reports on the crime they are investigating.

Salary and Time In School

They earn about 26,600 - 54,230

The time you need to go to school to be a police officer is 2 years


  • Humanity (respect life and liberty and sensitive)
  • integrity (guided by the principles of justice)
  • professionalism(pride in the department)
  • courage!!


  • no holiday breaks
  • cant spend time with children on birthdays
  • cant make any mistakes
  • risking their life every day
  • no home made food
  • out in the field no matter the weather
  • hoping to see their family again


  • generous leave time
  • satisfaction of helping people
  • tuitions assistants
  • above average salary
  • insurance coverage
  • retire in 25 years regardless of age
  • take home vehicles
  • free access to health/faculties (paid to use them)