Land of Grace

Venezuela, the place for you to be!

Whether you like hotter or cooler weather, the climate in Venezuela is good for everyone!

The temperatures can get as low as 8* C (46* F) to as high as 35* C (95* F). The warmer area are found in the tropical zone, which includes Venezuelas capital, Caracas. The cooler weather is in the cool zone which includes the Venezuelan Andes. If you don't want it to rain while you are there I would recommend going in November - April. This is when the precipitation levels are low.

The government is a federal presidential republic. The president has executive power while the National Assembly had legislative power.

If you are coming to Venezuela you won't be able to use your paper American money or coins. The monetary system in Venezuela is currently the Venezuelan Bolívar. This has been used here since 2008.

There are plenty of activities for you and your family to do in Venezuela. The are multiple beaches including Margarita, Coche, & Los Roques. Perfect for kods of all ages

Venezuela is also home to 40 national parks & 20 nature reserves. Here you can see a whole bunch of interesting plant & animals & also the beauty of the nature all around. One of these parks are Canaima National Park that has the tallest waterfall in the world. This can also be considered a historical site because it ended up here in 1935 when people were searching for gold. Some other historical sites you can visit are Coro which is an early establishment that was built in 1527. Colonia Tovar is another, it's a little city that was built in 1843 by Germans.

Popular dishes in Venezuela include rice, corn, beans, chicken, beef, garlic, tomato, & coconut. One of the main widely recognized dishes is Pabellón Criollo, this has rice, stewed black beans, & shredded beef which can also be substituted for other things like fish of chicken.

Some of the holidays are the same as the are in America like New Years, Christmas, Easter, and Labor Day. But some of their holidays are different like Three Wise Men Day, Saint Peter And Saint Paul, & Assuption of Mary

And finally the population. As of July of 2015 the population of Venezuela is 31,622,469 people. But don't worry there are plenty of things to do here so not all of them will be crowded.

So start booking your flight to Venezuela now!

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Margarita Beach

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Pabellón Criollo

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Colonia Tovar

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Caniama National Park

Angel Falls: highest waterfall in the world
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Venezuelan Andes