SBAC Links

Sites for you and your students

Hello hard working teachers.

I am sending you the April Links early to give you time to time look at the sites that will help you and your students prepare for the SBAC.

The links include SBAC PDF sample tests by grade level and an online practice test (go through it with the class to help them learn about navigating the digital environment and then have them practice on their own).

CAASPP Practice Test -

Students can get to know how to navigate in the test, get familiar with the terms and types of questions, and look at different grade levels.

Training Tests- - scroll down to Scoring Guides

Printable practice tests for each grade level (ELA and Math).

See below for links students can use to practice keyboarding and mouse skills.

Need Help?

Megan and I have been working with teachers to create practice Performance Tasks using the given subjects. If you would like us to help you with that, let us know.

I have also attached the Performance Task topics your students will write about.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us for help or clarification on anything.

Enjoy your Spring Break.