The Kids Are Home...Now What?

Leveraging Supplemental Resources for Learning

Dear Castle Rock Families,

As a school administrator and mom to kids in our district, I can empathize with how unsettling this time is, both for ourselves and for our children. Please know that our school and district remain committed to ensuring our students continue to receive outstanding learning opportunities, despite current events and challenges. In the coming weeks, we will forge a deeper partnership with our families than we ever have before, and I wish to thank you in advance for that.

This past week, our teachers and staff worked diligently to prepare resources and ideas that are intended to minimize any learning gaps or regressions that might occur when students are not in school. The resources provided strive to reinforce lessons already taught, as well as practice essential skills needed for current and future grade levels. These lessons have been emailed to you, posted outside of our office in hard copy form, and added to a new learning enrichment website housed at I have also attached them below. You will notice that most of the resources do not require special equipment or textbooks; we have designed them intentionally this way to avoid families needing to obtain additional materials.

Please take some time to peruse the resources available at The content is updated daily. As well, I will select features from this website to highlight in my weekly newsletters home. This week's newsletter features how to access Benchmark Advance, our district's Language Arts curriculum for elementary students, and the specific content that is taught in our classrooms. I hope you find this resource helpful.

In the coming days and weeks, you may be wondering "What do I do next?" Please continue to read our new weekly newsletter that will contain tips and ideas for you to try with your children, as well important updates from the district. I will also include a link to a video clip that you are welcome to share with your child. These newsletters will be shared via email on Sunday evening.

For now, best wishes, stay well, and thank you for your efforts and support! We are in this together!

Jen Alcazar


Castle Rock Elementary School

Suggested Daily Schedule for Learning

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Benchmark advance is our district adopted Language Arts program for elementary students. Follow the the steps below to get the online program complete with reading material and consumable pages to print and use at home.

  1. Go to (clicking will give you login directions)
  2. Click "Applications" tab
  3. Click "Benchmark"
  4. Use your child's login information. If your child needs to reset their password, please call 909-595-1261, x31200
  5. Go to "My Library" which will list all the unit books students can read or listen to articles being read to them. This is material your child uses at school.

*Please ensure students are selecting their grade level library

**Your child will most benefit from units 1-6 as a review. This is also where essential, critical skills are taught and practiced.

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Help! How Do I Teach My Kid To...

Learn Zillion Online Tutorials

We've all been there...our child has asked for help with a concept or a problem and we have no idea how to assist (fraction decomposition, anyone??). Learn Zillion to the rescue! This website has hundreds of easy to follow videos that explain concepts your child needs to know. Look for the small, blue search box in the top right of the home page. Type in a concept ("fractions") and scroll through the results. Not only will you be provided with instructional videos, but upon creating an account you can receive additional materials to help with that concept.

All videos are free during school closures as a result of COVID-19.

Go to or click the box below.

How Can I Talk To My Kids About COVID-19?

BrainPop utilizes child friendly, engaging videos to present difficult or complex topics to kids. Watch the video together and then reassure children that they are safe and can share their feelings with you.

Please View a Message From Our Superintendent

WVUSD Learning Enrichment and Resource Network

A Message From Our School Nurse

A Helpful Message from School Nurse Donna Lu Hoac, RN

Learning Resources By Grade Level

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