The Newest Jewellery Craze

Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint Jewellery - The Newest Jewellery Craze

When it comes to personalized fashion, fingerprint jewellery is the newest thing. Not only do they make a stunning addition to any wardrobe but it acts as the most precious keepsake which you can keep close to your heart at all times. These beautiful accessories are created by designers by capturing in fine silver the very thing that identifies an individual, his or her fingerprints. Celebrities, new parents, and trend-setting jewellery lovers are all going crazy for these popular items.

While pendants are the most popular option, you have many other styles to choose from. You can choose from cuff-links, key chains, and charm bracelets. Although many choose to adorn themselves with the trademark Fingerprint jewelry other images can be used to create these beautiful handmade pieces as well.

Many events can be captured by these trendy creations such as anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays. A fine silver background with an impressed fingerprint and a hand engraved name make each and every item as unique as the person themselves. Clients are required to send the artists a package with impressed putty or a special paper depicting the prints or images they wish to use. Sometimes the finished pieces depict small drawings, handwriting, or hand and footprints. The options are truly endless.

Those wishing to do their shopping online can simply visit a Fingerprint jewellery website, order, and pay for the products from the comfort of their own homes. The images or impressions needed by the artists can be sent in by mail after a do-it-yourself print kit is dispatched from the chosen company. Clients can also buy their jewellery the old fashioned way by visiting a local keepsake consultant or representative.

You can even have a fingerprint jewellery party at your own home with your close friends. You can all capture your fingerprints together whilel enjoying a cup of coffee and of course a cake! By hosting a fingerprint jewellery party you may also be able to earn some hostess benefits such as free jewellery for yourself

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