Ain't no mountain high enough

By Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

What it the message?

The message is no matter what happens she will always be there to catch you when you fall, she will always be there to love you and have your back 100%. This song is the meaning of loyalty.

Intended audience?

The intended audience for this song is married or in love women. Being the strong woman Tammi Terrell is every girl wants to be the person who is singing this to their loved one and women want to be as strong at Tammi is in this song to Marvin.

What is the mood?

The mood in this song is very happy and inspiring it has a sort of dance tone to it where you want to just jump up and start singing with Tammi and Marvin.

Why did the artist write this song

She wrote this song for inspiration, she wrote it so that all the women out there felt empowered to do what they love and tell tell their good man how much they love them.

Why this song?

I chose this song because it was a very upbeat song, I know this song and I feel like during those times still women did not have that much power and still could not speak out for themselves