Althea Gibson

The famous Athlete player by Arnae Witherspoon

Althea Gibson Is the most influential person!!

Althea Gibson Was born on August 25,1927 in south Carolina she moved to New York Harlem and was either fighting or skipping school she stared playing paddle ball and then tennis and she liked it and a man name Buddy Walker got her tennis lesson and then another man name Dr.Hubert got one of his friends to help her some more and the Ms.Gibson went up south and finish college then "After being allowed to the major tournaments she became the first black player to win Wimbledon and the french U.S".(according to,also "Althea Gibson is not only noted for her exceptional abilities as a tennis player,but for breaking the color barrier in the 1950,s as the first African American to compete in national and Internatitonal tennis player"(according to "Ms.Gibson turned professional in 1959,and made more history by becoming the first African American on the women's pro golf tour in the 1960's"(according to soon she became a professional golf player,and the fist black person to cross the line of color international tennis (according to"she was inducted into the international tennis hall of fame in 1971,and later served as a commissioner of athletics for state jersey",(according to And this is why i think Althea Gibson is powerful because she accomplish a lot of things evening doe she grew up as a wild tom boy and she also help African American's Be able to play with different people.