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Clark-Shaw Magnet School Library

Battle of the Books 2017

Battle of the Books will begin the first week of 4th Quarter (March 20). A schedule of competition times will be coming out very soon. Please encourage your students to read so they are prepared to compete. Click here for a link to the books that are on the list.

STAR Make-Up Day

Students who were absent the day your class took the STAR test will be scheduled to make it up on Friday, February 10. A list of all students that have not tested will be sent out Thursday, February 9. You may schedule your own make-ups. However, please remember that make-ups must be completed by Thursday,February 16.
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What did the paper clip say to the magnet? Answer: I find you attractive.

Tech Link: Big Huge Labs

This website offers many options for creativity. Teachers or students can make motivational posters, movie posters, magazine covers and many other items.
Big Huge Labs