Hip Hip Hooray!

Mrs. Hensler's First Grade

September 29th - October 3rd

V.I.P. - Kadince Bushong


Oct. 3 - Indianapolis Children's Museum FIELD TRIP!

Oct. 7th - Grandparent's/Family Night (4:30-7:30)

Oct. 6-10 - Book Fair


Monday - Reading

Tuesday - Reading / Math Practice

Wednesday - Read How Animals Communicate / Math Practice

Thursday - Reading / Math Practice

Friday - Reading


Journeys Text of the Week: How Animals Communicate (informational text)

Skill - Main Idea and Details

Strategy - Infer / Predict

Phonics - Review Words with Short i and Blends with r

Grammar - Commas in a Series

Big Book - A Cake All For Me

Words to Know - animal / of / how / some / make / why

Spelling - Short i: in / will / did / sit / six / big *Bonus Words* chill / wish / trick


Introduce Topic 4 - Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12

- Adding with 0, 1, and 2

- Doubles and Near Doubles

- Facts using a Ten-Frame

*Hensler's Hints*

- Write at home about a favorite character from a book or movie. Please remind them to write in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.

- Create a picture of favorite character. Make a list of adjectives to describe the character. Bring in to share with the class for a token.

- Add with objects around the house up to 10 (ex. q-tips, cereal, silverware, etc.). Find the parts of 10.

- Please be practicing math flash cards being sent home. Keep these in the red folder so we are able to use them here at school too!