Save water, Save lives!

By: Anna K, Alyssa L, Samuel J, Dyllon K, Nick D

Water Usage

Now everyone thinks they know how much water they use. But you really dont know cause ( You don’t see all the water you use.) IT's UNKNOWN. The average American uses up to 80-100 GALLONS a day.Now lets simplify the equation. A normal flush in the toilet is deadly. 1.6 gallons…. crazy…..a very very crazy amount for one flush of the toilet. Do the math. A milk jug which is pretty big a total of 1 gallon + 6/10 more to the jug is how big 1.6 gallons is . Crazy right!
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Water Distribution

Salt water can't really do much and the sad part is that 95% of the earth's water is salt water, but there are some uses like irrigation and distillation wich turns salt water into fresh water this is very expensive though. Most of Southwestern america gets their water from the Colarado river and northern america through aqueducts. 68% of the earth's freshwater is trapped in glaciers, another 30% is in the ground, and then the last 2% is above ground in rivers, lakes, and streams. These are where most of the world gets there drinkable water.
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Water Conservation

Five ways that you can conserve water are installing water-saving showerheads, taking shorter showers, turning the water off after you wet your toothbrush, insulating your water pipes, and using your dishwasher and clothes washer only for full loads.
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