The English Examiner

'How-To' Guide for being Successful in 7th Grade English

Who's Who? What's What?

Greetings 7th Graders! We, Ms. Roberts and Ms. Weinberg, your English teachers have a action packed year ahead filled with adventure, suspense, history and much, much more! But before we jump into English class, we need to talk about a few things to ensure you will be successful this year (as we know you will be)!

Please read this with your parent or guardian, and return this back by Wednesday, September 11th. This will count towards your class reward, each signed and returned flyer will earn a bead. The more beads, the sooner the reward!


If you are absent from class, extra homework packets will remain in the Homework Basket until the end of the day. If you are absent from school, packets will be available for download on Jumprope on Monday evening. Packets are due the next Monday into HOMEWORK BASKET only.

Being Prepared

Each and everyday, you are expected to arrive to class with a pen or pencil (sharpened) with your reading and writing notebook. Not being prepared will earn you a phone call home.

Class Community

As a student in your class, you are member of a community. Your behavior and choices impacts your classmates. To ensure we are using our class time as wisely as a possible, we will using a countdown system:

  • Countdown from 5 to 1 where all voices are off at 1
  • The class can earn three warnings as a whole group. If the class earns three checks, we start assigning personal lunch dentition
  • Once your name goes on the board, you have lunch dentition

Weekly Homework

Homework packets will be distributed on Monday in class. Packets are due the next Monday into HOMEWORK BASKET only. If we are off from school, they are due the next school day.

Late Assignments

Late Homework packets and assignments will not be accepted unless absent from school on a due date. If so, they are due the next day you are in school. If a special circumstance has come about , we will gladly speak about it with you. Please bring it to our attention.

Extra Credit

If you feel you need extra credit, you must schedule a time to talk about it after class, not during. Extra credit points will be available by editing and improving previous assignments.

Don't jump hoops, JumpRope!

There is no 'I' in TEAM ...

So let's work together. With open lines of communication, we will ensure a successful year. 7th graders are young adults, and we expect responsibility and ownership of your behavior, choices and actions. Please keep the top portion of this letter for your reference, and return the signed slip below.


Signing this shows that you are aware of your responsibility as a 7th grade in English class. It shows you are aware of the routines you are to follow to be successful and that you are aware of the consequences of your actions.

Your Name ___________________________________________________ Date __________

Parent/Gardian ______________________________________________ Date __________