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Thursday 1st December, 2022

From the Principal's Desk…

Dear Parents and Carers,

I honestly cannot believe how quickly this term is flying by. We are now looking towards the end of our first full year in two years and there is much to do.

This week I had the pleasure of joining our grade three and four students on their first ever school camp. They had a fantastic time thanks to our staff and parents who gave up time with their own families to take our students away – THANK YOU! It was great to see the students facing their fears on the giant swing, high ropes and flying fox. There is no way I would have gone around the high ropes course – way too high for me, but for our students they easily made their way around. The weather was kind, the food was great and overall, an excellent and enjoyable experience for everyone.

You may have noticed our Christmas tree in the office – this year we have brought back the giving tree for our Aged Care facilities in Healesville. Please pop in and see Linda about giving a gift to one of their residents. In the last week of school our school captains – Josh and Eloise with myself will visit with the gifts – so there is still time to donate a gift.

We have more staff to farewell at the end of this year. Chris Kent will be joining the leadership team at Marlborough Primary as their Maths Learning Specialist. We wish him well and thank him for all his assistance with leading Maths here at HPS. Emily Bradford is also leaving; she will be joining the team of teachers at Pakenham Springs Primary, which is much closer to home. We also thank Emily for all her hard work for the past three years and we wish her well.

Next year we will be welcoming five new class teachers to HPS. We would like to welcome: Esther O’Halloran, Tayla Elsum, Brooke Lawson, Ashlee Greaves, and Dave Singleton who is returning to HPS after an absence of four years. These teachers bring a range of experience and expertise from other schools and will assist us in making HPS the school of choice for Healesville.

All our classes are busy practising for the Christmas Concert on Monday 12th December. This will start at 4:30 and we will be on the oval. (Hoping for dry weather) Make sure you bring a picnic blanket. It should be a great night and a lovely way to celebrate the end of 2022.

On Tuesday 13th December we will have our ‘Meet the Teacher’ session for our students and teachers in 2023. Our new staff will be joining us on that day. Our grade six students will be off visiting their new high schools and our preps for 2023 will have an orientation session with Sharyn Borg who is our prep teacher. Students will be able to tell you who their teacher is when they come home and who is in their class with them. We always ensure that every student has at least one friend from their wish list. There will also be a pop-up uniform shop here from Surrey Clothing in the morning for parents to purchase any uniform needs for 2023.

Wednesday 14th December is graduation night for our grade six students. This year it is being held at Sanctuary House and is scheduled to start at 6pm. This will be a celebration of their years at HPS, and it will be fantastic to hold this offsite for the first time in a while. Our grade sixes and staff are looking forward to it.

Student reports will be available from Thursday 15th December. These can be accessed through the COMPASS portal. Should you require a hard copy please see your child’s teacher.

Our final day for students will be on Friday 16th December – school will finish at 3:30pm on that day. (Normal hours)

We are looking for a family who would like to look after our chickens for the holidays. If you would like to do this, please let Rosie House or Linda in the office know. They are incredible layers; we always have an abundance of eggs. Don’t forget these eggs are available at the office for an incredibly cheap price of $5:00 for a dozen.



2023 Curriculum Captains

Arts Captain - Hanna N

Wellbeing Captain - Amy L

P.E Captain - Jordan M

Library Captain - Lincoln VDZ

S.T.E.M Captain - Evan S

Sustainability Captain - Mia B

Congratulations to all students. We look forward to having you as our Curriculum Captains in 2023!

Student Awards

Prep B

Oaklee M - Community Award- for looking after his classmates and working with different people in PE.

Bryce S - Respect Award - for being a very nice classmate and helping his friends.

Emma B - Learning Award - for writing a fantastic fairy tale. You worked very hard sounding out words.

Prep H

Maggie B – Learning award - for her fantastic fairy tale writing.

Seb K - Learning award - for his fantastic fairy tale writing.


Heath M - for being kind and helping other students.


Penny F - Learning Award

Aiden A - Learning Award

Hudson B - Learning Award

Harrison G - Kindness award


Cooper - Confidence- Award - for being so resilient in his fall and adjusting so well to school with crutches

Macey N - Learning Award - for her fantastic persuasive letter with engaging techniques to encourage her audience to take action.

Chase- Learning Award- for his many wonderful suggestions of persuasive language for our shared writing pieces.

3/4p - Community Award- for everyone's support and inclusion of Cooper following his injury so that he can still join in safely.


Mason E - Learning Award– working really well in Maths sessions on the four processes.

Sophie A - Community Award– being helpful in class supporting her peers by guiding them in Maths sessions.

Dom G - Community Award– being helpful in class supporting his peers by guiding them in Maths sessions.


Tyler R - Community Award - For reading with the junior students & helping with their sight words.

5/6 H

Kevin C - Learning Award - for consistently putting in his best effort.

Alyssa H - Confidence Award - for facing her fear in the surf while on camp.

PE Award

Oaklee M - Always trying their best and having a great attitude.

Rydah M - Always trying their best and having a great attitude.

Please note all dates/events are subject to change.

Thursday 1st December - Prep 2023 Session 4.

Monday 12th December - Student Christmas Concert 4:30pm start

Tuesday 13th December - Prep 2023 Orientation Morning.

Tuesday 13th December - Grade 6 - Orientation Day.

Wednesday 14th December - Yr 6 Graduation Dinner

Friday 16th December - Final Day of Term 4 for students - normal 3.30pm finish.

Help is needed in our Vegie Garden!

Spring is here and we would love some help preparing our gardens for spring planting.

If you’re available on Tuesday afternoons From 1.40 onwards, we would love a hand to weed, compost and mulch our gardens. Come along with your gardening gloves and join Ella our sustainability officer along with other enthusiastic young gardeners and turn our gardens into wonderful food producing havens.

Let the office know if you’re available


Sustainability team

5/6 & 3/4 Camps!

5/6 Coastal Forest Lodge Angelsea

Coastal Forrest Lodge - by Amy L

On Wednesday the night we arrived at camp, we did beach games, flag running, rescue game, trenches and tug of war with Go Ride A Wave. It was so much fun and hot! After the beach games, we went back to camp to unpack and have a shower and get ready for dinner then headed to bed.

The next day on Thursday, we had to get ready for surfing and bodyboarding with Go Ride A Wave. We split up into different groups so they wouldn't be so many kids. One group went to Anglesea beach and the other was at Urquhart Bluff. We were bodyboarding at 10.00am for 90 minutes. Then we had a surfing lesson at 2.00pm for 90 minutes .I managed to hit Hanna in the head and we laughed so much! After dinner we had free time to go play cricket, down ball or just have fun.

On Friday, we had to pack up and get ready for the day. All of our luggage had to be taken to breezeway by 9:30 am and then we had inspection time. After breakfast, we got ready for the activities. There was low ropes and yabby catching. My group caught 3 yabbies! After the activities we got ready to leave camp.

Big Thankyou to Beck, Matt and Andrew for joining along for our camp and leaving their families to come. Hopefully you all had a good time.

Another Big Thankyou to Miss Bult, Ms Holman and Miss Fredericks, for organising the camp. You all made sure we enjoyed ourselves.

Coastal Forrest Lodge - by Nikki R

On Wednesday morning we all came to school. We had to put our bags on the bus. I had a suitcase but some of the boys had huge bags. They all got squashed under the bus.

After we arrived we dumped our bags and went to Anglesea to do beach activities. It was fun.

On Wednesday night at camp, Miss Fredericks came into our room and she was standing quietly with her torch off, waiting for Mia to come back into our cabin. Mia said “Is she still here?” and Miss Fredericks shone her torch in Mia’s face. I thought Miss Fredericks had forgotten I was in the room but she patted me on the head before she walked out.

On Thursday we split into groups. I was with Ms Bult, Ms Holman, Matt and Amelia. We put our wetsuits on to go bodyboarding. Then I got washed by a huge looking wave.

After lunch everyone went surfing but I had hurt my ankle, so I watched. In the afternoon we had showers. The showers were warm. Then it was Friday morning and after some camp activities, we headed home.

Coastal Forrest Lodge - by Cooper M

Hi my name is Cooper and on the 16th, 17th,18th, of November 2022, I went to Coastal Forest Lodge camp. It was a great time.

On the first day, we got to the beach and we played games. My favourite game was Trenches. Once we finished, we got back to camp and me and my friends played games.

On the second day, we went to the beach and did boogie boarding and surfing and it was really fun. When I did surfing, I stood up and it was really easy! But other people found it hard. When we had the instructor showing us how to do boogie boarding and surfing, the same instructor took me out really far and I had a really fun time. Then we were finished at the beach.

On the last day, we went yabby hunting and when we were leaving, I got a yabby! It was the second biggest one. Lastly, I did the Ropes course. Thanks for reading my camp story.

3/4 Alexandra Adventure Camp

Alexandra Adventure Camp

After three years we were so happy to have the Years 3 & 4 go on their first camp.

So much was packed into our days away, from Mon. 28th to Wed. 30th Nov.

As soon as we arrived and were settled into our rooms, we were off. Trained staff at the camp guided students through some of the trickier activities. They were challenged to try something new, which often put them out of their ‘comfort zone’ though it was wonderful to watch everyone ‘giving it a go’ in whatever they did. Camps are so beneficial in that students develop resilience, teamwork, co-operation, respect, empathy, social skills, relationships, independence and organisation.

Activities students took on were – flying fox, raft building, canoeing, archery, low ropes initiative, high ropes, Ga Ga Ball, giant swing and we were lucky enough to enjoy a swim in the pool.

The weather certainly looked after us well. Students were very well fed with delicious food and plenty of it. Camp rooms were comfortable and the facilities were excellent. Students can be commended on their behaviour. We were really proud of their attentiveness, listening to any instructions and being respectful to all adults, the camp facilities and equipment. They were great ambassadors for our school.

Of course, a camp can’t go ahead without the dedication of the school staff and parent volunteers. It is a lot of work though at the same time a lot of fun. Thanks to Blair Price Yr.3/4 teacher, Andy, our first aid person and teacher aide, Sarah, SDS staff member, Andrew, our school grounds/maintenance staff member as well as parent and Danny our parent helper, we had a fantastic, successful camp which I’m sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Also, a big thank you to parents/carers who made sure students had well packed bags making their first camp a positive experience. We look forward to many more.

Marlene Williams, Yr.3/4 camp co-ordinator.

Yarra Ranges Special Development School

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Message from Camp Australia - (Before & After School Care)

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Community Storytime / Playgroup

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Community Notices

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Father's Day Church, 11 Symons St, Healesville

There is a new service starting at Father’s House Church, 11 Symons St, Healesville.

ON Monday evenings they are using their food van to give out Free hot food and free food relief boxes and free laundry relief, available Monday nights 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

Look out for James and the van.

They provide free boxes of foods, hot meals and laundry boxes with washing powder, laundry liquid, toilet cleaners, sanitary pads etc.


Check them out this week in the Mail newspaper.

If you would like more information or would like to chat to them about how you can get involved or support, please do let them know. If you know families that you feel would benefit from this, please do let them know they are available Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm at Father’s House Church, Healesville.

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Kids Fun Run Change

We have recently been advised that Thomas is “sick” so Puffing Billy Railway have offered one of their trains to allow for it to continue.
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Tennis Coaching - Free Trial

Please book in via the contacts below - all ages abilities welcome

WAYNE BROOM - ph - 0437008788 www.classictennis.com.au

Tennis Australia/USPTA Club Professional Coach


COVID Resources


Emerging Minds COVID-19 translated resources
These COVID-19 resources have been translated into 18 languages and are available for you to share with the parents and families you work with.

Vaccine development: a guide for families | Raising Children Network
This informative guide from Raising Children Network provides clear and reliable information on how the COVID-19 vaccine development and approval process ensures safety, effectiveness and quality.

COVID Testing in Yarra Ranges

Staying informed about COVID expsoure sites
Here you'll find the current list of COVID-19 exposure sites
This website/app provides a handy visual to stay abreast of new exposures - https://covid19nearme.com.au/state/vic

Privacy Collection Notice

Information for students, parents and carers.