Eating in the Dark

Kathleen Hart

Genetically engineered food

Many people throughout America are effected by genetically engineered food everyday and do not even realize it! Genetically modified food is food that have genes mutated by bio-geneticists. A bio-geneticist is a person who works with the genes of living organisms The Biologists inject organisms into seeds to grow these modified foods. An organism is a living thing. The food is modified, so it is not effected by bacteria. It may seem surprising but when people at grocery stores were asked if they knew they were buying genetically engineered or modified food, a resounding 94% did not know! Did you know about genetically engineered and modified food? The FDA stands aside, and lets this happen. The FDA is the food and drug administration. It is the administration that monitors foods and drugs to make sure they are safe. It only exists in the United States, but other countries have similar administrations. People are unaware of genetically modified food, because the FDA keeps it a secret.


Soybeans are little beans that are used in the majority of food in the U.S. They are used in baby formula, tofu, and many other foods.The first genetically engineered soybeans were planted in 1996. More than 60% of soybeans were genetically altered by 2001. Soybeans are one of America's largest grown genetically modified foods.
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By: Sanderson Saroff