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HOW To Access 6,400 AR books! Check out the Videos

Help your student be able to find a book to read on-line! Today we are featuring MyOn. It is the easiest way to get a book, especially for younger kids.

The videos below will help your student get started. There are 6,400 books available and as soon as your student clicks on a book it will open up in the browser. Just follow the instructions and videos below.

STUDENTS WILL NEED TO "HEART" MyOn in Clever. I will put these videos in Schoology as well so if you need a refresher it will be handy.

Be sure to choose the right video and then see the step-by-step instructions benath the video.

Para Comenzar con MyOn (Estudiantes)

Join the Library Schoology Group to get all the stories and fun stuff from the library

The "Resource" section in the Library Group has all the stuff you needl! There are stories, book trailers, and more by grade level. Under the folder labeled Recurring information you can find everything that you need -- including Ms. Mc's cell phone number. Please feel free to set up office hours or call her during the day! Be sure to use the Access Code 2GC4-QRMT-4CGCS!