The Neon Tigers

FLL Team 2012-2013

This Years's Topic

This year's topic for First Lego League (FLL) as you all know, is Senior Solutions. Our team took this to mean "aiding the aging senior in their everyday tasks to make the job easier." Since as you age, you aren't as strong and your muscles weaken, things the younger generation deem easy can be very challenging. The missions this year are designed to help seniors with these tasks, such as the exercise machine or the stairs.

Innovations for Seniors

Now on to a more technological topic. there are many different types of robotic and semi-robotic inventions that can help a person get medicine, breath easier, move place to place, scan people (MRI), etc. the people who came up with these ideas talked about them, did tests on their creations, and figured out if they served a good purpose. This is exactly what our team did when we made programs, tried out different attachments, and redid things that had gone wrong.This was really important, because everybody shared their ides and we all participated in group discussions. Plus, when you work as a team, everyone achieves more, and when you're are nice, people are the same to you.
That's all, and we hoped you liked our team, the Neon Tigers, presentation about our team and what we know and learned. Thanks!