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Cupid Strikes Again

Congrats Pluto and Persephone! Pluto don't you think that Persephone's father did great job? Wow! Can you believe the age difference? Persephone is 14 years old and Pluto is 33 years old! Both of their large families will be attending the wedding. Maybe one day they will have a big family of their own! The wedding will be held for three days at a place near the sacred fountain. They will start out the ceremony when the sun sets. They will begin the ceremony with the baths, their brothers and sisters will be carrying the water from the sacred fountain. After they will go to Persephone's fathers house for a feast. I wonder how Pluto will like Persephone without her veil? How many gifts do you think that she will receive? Lets just hope that this marriage will work out. Happiness and wishes with marriage Pluto and Persephone!


Don't you want to look pretty? Athena's Beauty store is having a big sale! 40% off all jewelry including golden pins- perfect for holding clothes together! Each golden flower on the pin is separately made! Also, 60% off all perfumes and scented oil in those animal-decorated pots!
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Dangerous Games

Two days ago, a man was pushing his limits to win the long-jump competition in the first Olympic Games honoring Zeus, completely ruined his chance of getting an olive reef by accidentally tripping before trying to jump. While he was trying to break his fall with his arms, he suddenly heard a snap, and felt a shooting pain up his arm.

There were other injuries and even death with the more dangerous sports included in the Olympics like wrestling and boxing. Especially pancratium, a sport that combines boxing, kicking, wrestling, gouging, biting, and strangling.

For you pretty ladies out there, don't even try. Women will be killed if caught participating, or even watching. But you can enter your husband or son in this life-or-death competition, if you have the money and the training time! If not, get ready for the next Olympic Games, in four years!

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For Sale

2-floor, 11 room house from a rich family. Includes an indoor well so you don't have to get water from the local fountain, 6 wooden chairs, 2 wool-stuffed leather-covered beds, actual bathtub, hearth, entrance porch, enclosed garden, courtyard, and windows perfect to let light come through, but small enough to keep weather and burglars out.

1-floor, 6 room house as a normal house would be. Small windows with a small courtyard in the front and includes one bed and two chairs, perfect for a small family.

A local store owner is selling his small store designed for vase-selling and jewelry selling. He is selling it after robbers broke in and broke everything, and could be used as a temporary home for cheap!

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Crime In The City-States

When the sun rose Lucefus Confuses found Archibald Ceaser in a ditch with a stab wound. Lucefus said that Lucius Artimus committed this crime. Who ever finds Lucius Artimus will get a 600 iron bar reward. He will get sent to trial as well as Lucefus Confuses as a witness. If Lucius is proven guilty then he will possibly get put to death. Lucius Artimus was raised in a good religous house-hold. I don't see how he could do something like this. I wonder how his parents will respond to this. Archibald Ceaser was a great man. I can't see how anyone would want to kill such a man. Lucius Artimus will pay for his crime.