Rkoing township

Don't be mean we will rko you

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Lord Ratcliff

Mayor Ratcliff grew up here in Ohio loving WWE after his favorite WWE superstar was injured he named this gracis town Rkoing township after Randy's signature move the rko.

All hail Lord Ratcliff

Randy Orton Visits Rkoing township

Recently Randy Orton Famous WWE Superstar visited Rkoing township. He was the inspiration for the town he Rko'd over 70% of our population. We hope he will be better soon!
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Family Units!

Each family must get there newborn rko'd before going home with their mother and father.

Have at least one child with your partner!

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Money paychecks coming 04/03/16

All residents will be given there paychecks of 1,000,000 for there jobs
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Best RKO ever!!'
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Map of Rkoing Township

As you can see above we have a small town. WIth a Randys and a randy donalds you can also see Lord Ratcliff (All Hail) big humongous house. the reason we have a big hospital because almost 99.9% of the population is injured by rkos at one time including me. the .1% is Lord Ratcliff (All Hail)