Kim Errigo

Athletics Important to Kim Errigo

Kim Errigo does not know what her life would be like without athletics, except that it would not be as enjoyable. Kim Errigo has been involved in athletic pursuits as long as she can remember and, while she no longer competes in organized team sports, Kim Errigo is as dedicated as ever to being a great athlete. Kim Errigo's dedication to athletics stems from a strong belief in the fact that athletics enrich her life.

Kim Errigo leads an excellent life aside from her athletic endeavors, but she is frequently put under pressure from other responsibilities and needs a way to blow off steam and relax so that she can go back and perform her duties well. Kim Errigo's favorite way of relaxing is to go for a run or train for a race. As she runs, Kim Errigo is able to either abandon her problems in the dust or think through them with a newfound clarity brought on by athletic activity. These benefits of running make it a vital part of Kim Errigo's life.

Another reason that Kim Errigo values athletics, especially running, is that it provides her with a way to meet new people and continue old friendships. Kim Errigo's work in training for a triathlon allowed her to meet a whole community of people who were training for the same race. Kim Errigo enjoys building relationships with people through the process of training with them and competing against them.

It is safe to say that athletics are a vitally important part of Kim Errigo's daily life. Without them, Kim Errigo would have a much less satisfying life and would be weighed down by much more stress. Kim Errigo encourages others to use athletics in the same way that she does, as both a positive part of life and as a way to escape from difficult circumstances and clear one’s head.

Kim Errigo Works For Her Goals

Kim Errigo is unwilling to take the easy road toward a goal. While many others in her chosen sport have cheated or chosen less difficult events in order to make themselves look better, Kim Errigo has been dedicated to doing things right and taking the difficult road, knowing that the satisfaction victory would bring would be that much better this way. As a runner, Kim Errigo can pick and choose how far she wants to run each day. For many runners, the decision is simply based on how long it takes them to get tired. Most runners will run a few miles, get tired, and then stop. Kim Errigo, on the other hand, is convinced that the best method to improve her performance is to run until she is tired and then to run some more. Kim Errigo has realize that by working past the point of fatigue, she would be able to run longer without being fatigued the next time she exercised.

Kim Errigo has this same mindset in the rest of her life as well. When she is trying to learn something new, Kim Errigo avoids taking the easy way out or reading the summarized version of the material. Kim Errigo knows that by engaging in the source material and really working to understand the concepts, the data will be retained better and she will have a better chance of understanding the new information. Kim Errigo is willing to work hard to achieve whatever goals she sets out, whether they are in the athletic arena or elsewhere in her life.

Kim Errigo hopes that other people see her efforts and decide that they too will be willing to work in order to succeed. As Kim Errigo continues to practice as a runner, she intends to continue working hard, meeting her goals, and setting new ones to work toward.

Excellent Runner: Kim Errigo

Kim Errigo is a dedicated athlete who has trained diligently to get to the level of skill that she has today. As a runner, Kim Errigo knows that the slightest change to her stride or foot strike could be the difference between a mediocre time and a new personal record in a race. Because of this, Kim Errigo pays close attention to the mechanics of her running gait and frequently enlists the help of others to spot things that she cannot find herself. Kim Errigo's dedication to running comes from a long background of athletic pursuits.

Kim Errigo learned to be precise in athletics while she was a cheerleader for the University of Virginia. While on the cheer squad, Kim Errigo quickly learned that accuracy was important, as was timing. When stunting with other girls, it was vitally important that Kim Errigo be accurate in where she helped toss the girl who was doing flips. If she was not careful to time her toss correctly, the girl in the air would have trouble and people would end up hurt. The high stakes of this type of maneuver forced Kim Errigo to learn how to have great attention to detail. Kim Errigo also learned that each part of the team had to be in sync for a routine to go well. Synchronizing so many moving parts was a talent that Kim Errigo carried over when she began running. As a runner, Kim Errigo has to focus on the timing of her strides. An even time from step to step helps Kim Errigo maintain her pace and keeps her traveling in the right direction.

Kim Errigo's attention to detail and determination in her training sets her apart from the rest of the pack when it comes to preparing for races. When race day arrives, Kim Errigo's relentless preparation gives her a great chance of success.

Gulf Coast Runners Club Member Kim Errigo

Kim Errigo has been running on her own for many years. As a dedicated runner, Kim Errigo knows that in the end, success on the track is determined by your own dedication to training and treating your body properly. Kim Errigo has been dedicated to her training and has pushed herself as much as possible to be better. However, there came a point at which Kim Errigo realized that something was missing that could enrich her experience as a runner. Kim Errigo realized that running alone and training alone was not allowing her to enjoy the full experience of being a runner. Kim Errigo missed the team environment that she enjoyed during her days on the University of Virginia’s cheerleading squad. As a result of this, Kim Errigo began to search for a community of runners that shared the same hard-charging mindset that she held.

Kim Errigo found her place in the Gulf Coast Runners Club. This club is made up of individuals of all ages who truly love running and want to be the best that they can be in the sport. Kim Errigo immediately realized that these runners were thriving within their community and that she could benefit from becoming involved with them. By training alongside other runners and keeping in contact with them, Kim Errigo gained a resource that would allow her to fix her technique and improve her efficiency while running, thereby helping her reduce her times and strengthen her endurance. Kim Errigo loved the supportive community that Gulf Coast Runners Club provided her.

In addition to drawing from the expertise of other members at Gulf Coast Runners Club, Kim Errigo has made it a point to contribute knowledge from her own experiences to the group. As a whole, Kim Errigo's involvement with the Runners Club has been overwhelmingly positive.

Kim Errigo Passes Extreme Test

At some point during each person's life, they will be faced with a challenge that will seem impossible at first. For Kim Errigo, this was the prospect of completing a triathlon. While Kim Errigo had competed in long distance races in the past, and had even done well in them, competing in an event that included swimming and biking alongside running was something that was a daunting prospect to her. As a runner, Kim Errigo knew that her endurance was up to the task but worried about her technique in the water and on two wheels. However, Kim Errigo is not one to back down from a challenge, so she began to train and teach herself how to excel in the other two phases of the triathlon.

As Kim Errigo trained, she realized that this would be a defining moment in her life. Looking back after the triathlon, Kim Errigo would be able to use it as a reference point when faced with other difficult circumstances. Kim Errigo worked extremely hard for months on end preparing for her race. When race day came, Kim Errigo was ready and performed admirably in the water as well as on land. Kim Errigo's accomplishment in passing this extreme test has shaped her life since that day.

Kim Errigo has continued to pursue opportunities to compete in extreme competitions like triathlons and has even won an event for her age group. Because of the confidence that Kim Errigo gained during the training process and on race day, Kim Errigo is able to face down daunting projects outside of running. The lessons that Kim Errigo learned that day have made her a better and more well rounded person in all areas of her life. Looking forward, Kim Errigo eagerly awaits opportunities to compete in more triathlons, knowing that she will have the talent and endurance to compete well.

Kim Errigo Enjoys Running

As someone who leads an incredibly busy life, Kim Errigo knows how important it is to have an activity with which she can step away from her responsibilities and simply relax for a while. After trying various forms of hobbies, Kim Errigo stumbled across running and fell in love with it. While she is running, Kim Errigo is able to step back from the other responsibilities in her life and enjoy the rhythm and challenge of completing her assigned run for the day. The fatigue helps her forget the other things going on and the endorphins released during her run help Kim Errigo cheer up when things are difficult. Kim Errigo relies on running for clarity and a chance to calm down, but she also runs because it is fun and gives her a way to build a community.

Kim Errigo is a member of the Gulf Coast Runners Club, a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for running. As a member of the club, Kim Errigo has the opportunity to do what she enjoys with people who also enjoy it. This amplifies Kim Errigo's enjoyment of the sport, as she can talk about her experiences on the road with her fellow runners. Kim Errigo also enjoys the challenge of the community of runners. When Kim Errigo is given a challenge by a fellow member of the club, she has the motivation to push herself and try to beat their time. This helps Kim Errigo push herself to become better and, as she improves, she learns to enjoy running that much more.

Kim Errigo hopes that everyone is able to find an activity that they can enjoy in the same way that she enjoys running. Having an escape like running has changed Kim Errigo's life for the better, and she believes that it is something everyone should try to find.

Kim Errigo Values Teams

Kim Errigo first began to learn the value of building a solid team around herself when she was a member of the cheerleading squad at the University of Virginia. As a cheerleader, Kim Errigo was able to see how the different members of the team filled different roles. When one role was left unfilled, or someone with another responsibility tried to fill it, things went haywire and the squad suffered as a result. Because of this experience, Kim Errigo realized that each person had a role to play and that they should perform that role to the best of their ability for the good of the team.

Since graduating, Kim Errigo has continued to carry that team-first concept with her in her professional and personal life. Kim Errigo constantly reevaluates to see what her best talents are and how she can learn to best apply them to each situation. By engaging in this type of self-reflective activity, Kim Errigo increases her own utility to whatever team she may be a part of and is able to help the team accomplish its goals. Kim Errigo also relies heavily on the other members of her team, trusting that they will accomplish their tasks so that she can focus on her own.

Kim Errigo has directly applied her appreciation for teammates to her training for triathlons. While running and training for this type of event is frequently a solitary activity, Kim Errigo has learned that it takes a group to truly succeed. Kim Errigo relies on others for motivation, as well as correction regarding her technique, and often asks for input from better runners in the Gulf Coast Runners Club. By utilizing the team dynamic of the club, Kim Errigo is able to speed up her own process of improvement. Kim Errigo truly values being part of a team.

Physical Fitness Important to Kim Errigo

Kim Errigo believes that her life is greatly enriched by her own physical fitness. As an athlete who does not make a living from her athletic pursuits, Kim Errigo is forced to spend a large amount of her day doing things other than training and running. Because of this, Kim Errigo has learned to value the time she is able to set aside for her athletic activities. As she has grown older, Kim Errigo has learned that many people are unable to set aside time to pursue sports and she values the time that she does have.

Kim Errigo also knows that continuous and consistent physical activity will help her stay healthy long into the future. Kim Errigo pays close attention to scientific studies that come out regarding the effects of athletic activity on the aging process and has come to the realization that exercising and staying physically fit can make a huge difference when it comes to improving her quality of life in the future. Kim Errigo believes that she should invest in her future and do what she can to keep herself healthy so that she can enjoy the same activities for a long time coming.

Kim Errigo encourages all of her friends to stay physically fit. Kim Errigo believes that it is important for everyone to do what they can to take care of their body and improve their quality of life. This train of thought is one of the main reasons why Kim Errigo joined the Gulf Coast Runners Club. As a member of the club, Kim Errigo is surrounded by people who value their physical fitness and believes that it is important for others to get in shape. Kim Errigo and the rest of the club members frequently try to raise awareness about health issues and how fitness can help address them.

Kim Errigo Loves Celebrating Success

Kim Errigo embraces opportunities to celebrate when things go well in life. Because Kim Errigo trains so diligently, she knows that any success she has in running is a direct result of hard work and cannot be attributed to a fluke or to circumstances. Because of this, Kim Errigo is truly able to enjoy her moments of triumph.

As a triathlon finisher and someone who holds records in running long distances, Kim Errigo has had plenty of opportunities to celebrate her own successes. However, Kim Errigo does not stop at celebrating when things go well for her. Kim Errigo trains with a group of people from the Gulf Coast Runners Club and has many friends who are engaged in competitive activities.

When one of these friends experiences a triumph, Kim Errigo is quick to congratulate them and frequently joins in their celebration. Kim Errigo knows that celebrating alone is not nearly as enjoyable as celebrating with friends who understand what you had to do to be able to succeed. Therefore, Kim Errigo frequently joins others in celebrating their successes in running.

Kim Errigo first learned to enjoy the success of others when she was a cheerleader at the University of Virginia. As a cheerleader, a major component of her role was to help lead the crowd in celebrating the success of the football team or basketball team. Kim Errigo learned to take delight in times when her friends did well and has held on to that lesson since graduating from the University of Virginia.

Kim Errigo feels that celebrating with other people when they succeed gives her an opportunity to encourage them and affirm their efforts. This is extremely important to Kim Errigo since she knows that she too relies heavily on the support and encouragement of others in her own training efforts.