Followers of Judaism are called Jews. Jews believe in praying, studying the Torah, and following the Ten Commandments. The Torah is apart of the Tanakh ( the Holy Book for the Jews). The Ten Commandments are things they do to follow their religion. A sacrament they do is the Shabbat, the Sabbath day. It is from from Friday to Saturday. They eat Kosher foods like fish and vegetables. Jews worship in Synagogues. The worship leader for the Jews is the Rabbi. The Tanakh is their holy book. The Tanakh contains three sections. The first is the Torah, the second is the Nevi'im, and the third is the Ketuvim. A holiday they have is Yom Kippur. It is the Day of Atonement. They fast, ask for forgiveness, and pray. Fasting means to go a time without drinking or eating. Another holiday for Jews is Rosh Hashunah. It is the start of the new year. They eat honey apples, pray for a sweet year, and blow the shofar (a horn). A common holy site for Jews is Canaan.

  1. Abraham is important to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Abraham was the one to introduce the idea of only one God.
  2. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have the same view of only one God.