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History on MSU


More than 150 years ago, Michigan State University pioneered a bold “local experiment” that opened the doors of higher education and soon became a model for the nation—a validation of the worth of making higher education a public benefit.
Our History
On February 15, 1855, just 18 years after Michigan became a state, Governor Kinsley S. Bingham signed legislation establishing the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan—the forerunner of Michigan State University. Carved out of 676 acres of woodlands less than four miles east of the state’s capitol, the college formally opened on May 13, 1857 with five faculty members and 63 students.
Michigan’s fledgling agricultural college served as the prototype for the nation’s “land-grant” institutions created under the Morrill Act sponsored by Justin Morrill, a representative who went on to be a senator, from Vermont.
With eyes on Michigan, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act of 1862, which funded higher education institutions by granting federally controlled land to states for development or sale to raise funds to establish and endow “land-grant” colleges.
Prior to the Morrill Act, Michigan State was chartered under Michigan state law as a state land-grant institution, receiving an appropriation of 14,000 acres of state-owned land to fund its creation. Michigan State was subsequently designated as the federal land-grant college for Michigan in 1863.
Like all land-grant institutions established under the Morrill Act’s “grand experiment” in higher

education, Michigan State faced a formidable mission:
to democratize higher education and expand its opportunities based on merit, not social class
to find practical applications for scientific research and technological innovations to make public

service an essential part of higher education’s mandate.


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location and tuition

location and tuition

Michigan state university

East Lansing, Michigan

Non-Michigan Freshmen
Tuition and fees (15 credits/semester): $36,412
Room and board (double room/Silver Meal Plan): $9,524
Total for two semesters: $45,936

Total for 4 years/$183,744

Sport Coaching and Leadership code: 6767 masters

College of Education

What I am majoring in and social activities

I will be majoring in Sport Coaching and Leadership my Department is Kinesiology. With this class I will be helping with the football, basketball, for at least two semester or maybe more. I will most likely be playing soccer there and that will count towards the class to. My requirements is to be at every practice morning and night, be at every game ( which also means traveling with the team). I will be graded on how I obey the rules and how I do what I am told to do, and how I participate in coaching like how much I communicate to the players and if what I told them was the right thing. This class will be worth two credits a semester.

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Why I am interested in coaching

I am interested in learning on how to become a successful coach. So that's why I chose Michigan State they always have successful sports program. I am interested in coaching because when I play sports I like to try to be a leader on and off the field. I am always looking to help one another on what they can do to become better at what they do. I feel like I am very smart sports wise I have just been around sports my whole life. I've been told by lots of people that you would make a good career as a coach.

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What I see myself doing after college

I see myself working at Marcus high school for soccer and on the side also coaching at a local club in the area. The reason I see myself working at Marcus is John Gall is the coach there right now and I feel like once his kids go off to college he will retire. And I have had John Gall as my coach before, so I know the system he likes to run. And its local to where I grew up, plus I don’t think John Gall wouldn't mind if I took over for him one day because I know the system he runs and he knows me very well and my family. I don’t think he would care at all if I did, because what wouldn’t be better if a former player and a graduated student takes over his old high school. So my work setting would be coaching/teaching in a high school.

My three goals in high school

My three goals in high school is get a GPA of a 3.5 or higher, be successful in sports and get a good scholarship and graduated from marcus high school.