Holy Trinity Catholic School

Home of the Saints - September 2, 2015

From the Principal's Desk:

There are several items that I would like to bring your attention to this week:

Purple folders will come home again today. If you still have yours at home from last week, we ask that you kindly send it back to school with your child so that we have them for the following week.

Included in the Purple Folder (or a stapled packet if the folder was not returned) is a sealed envelope that includes your Sycamore Login. Sycamore is our school management system where you may access student grades, lunch menus, the school calendar, account balances, and log your service hours. You should login to Sycamore to establish your account password, as it can be changed so that it is easy for you to remember. Attached to the password, you will find a sheet of "Helpful Hints" on how to access specific items in Sycamore.

Also included in the sealed envelope is your most current tuition statement. This can also be accessed at anytime through Sycamore, where it is easier to see the payments that have been made by clicking on the specific account blue link. For families who have been awarded an SGO, School Choice Scholarship (Voucher), or a Holy Trinity Catholic School Scholarship (through FACTS) please note that those payments are not made until late October and again in March, and will not show on the tuition until we receive the payments. Please note that payments should be made no later than the first of the month for preschool and the last of the month for K-8 tuition. We appreciate your payments being made in a timely manner as that greatly affects our operating budget.

Just a reminder that attendance is crucial to the success of the students. Please be sure to be prompt in your arrival. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please be sure to contact the school office by 9:00am if your child is ill. No matter what, we shouldn't see anyone on Monday, September 7th, as we are off school for Labor Day - a much needed break, I'm sure :)

Mrs. Sally Sternberg


Important Dates to Note:

  • Paragon Cookie Dough Fundraiser Orders are due Tuesday Sept 8
  • Mum pick up has changed due to the mums not being ready to flower just yet. It has now been moved to Thursday, Sept 10th 1:30-5:30 at East Campus softball field
  • Scholastic Book Fairs are coming your way! It's a great way to pick up some AR books for your student and it helps support our school in earning back some books for our library too! Mark your calendar: Central Campus - September 28-30 and East Campus - October 6-9

Service Opportunities:

  • Flag Raising and Lowering at Central Campus daily - please contact Mrs. Sternberg
  • Campus Runners on T, TH, F - please contact school offices
  • Lunch Helpers at East Campus Tues/Wed/Thurs - please contact Mary Ramirez
  • Sunday, September 13th, St. Mary's Ireland Church Picnic
  • Sunday, September 20th, St. Mary's Huntingburg Church Picnic
  • Saturday, September 26th, 2015 Friends of the Poor Walk - please contact Kayla Dooley for more information.
  • Sunday, September 27th, Holy Family Church Picnic

There are a few questions that have been asked and I want to share briefly with you a few points. First, the question was raised as to what counts for what? You will need to make a judgement on this as to who was benefiting from the service - if you were a CLOW leader, Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, or your service benefited the parish, then it would fall under the Parish hours. If you were a volunteer for the classroom, cut out box tops or bulletin board letters, help with a school event, are a campus runner, or help stuff purple folders, then it would fall under the school hours. Areas such as scouting, could go under either area, as boy scouts falls under a parish charter but is directly working with the majority of our school students. Make your best judgement. It is more important that our families are involved and giving of their time and talent to strengthen and unite our school, parish, and larger community, then to nit pick where or what semester the hours belong.

Second, we have been asked how to log the hours in Sycamore. It is actually very simple once you have logged into Sycamore, so please be sure to set up your account first. Step by Step instructions are included on the Parent notes page in the Purple folder this evening.

As questions arise, please feel free to direct them to Fr. Gary, myself, or Mr. Lemen.

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Tuesday was the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation as designated by Pope Francis. I have included a brief video about how caring for God's Creation is also caring for His people that are most in need and some of the ways that we, no matter how small or big, can do this. We will be sharing this video with the students in the near future through Religion class so that you may continue the conversations at home.
CST 101 | Care for God's Creation