The Balance Party

"Extremes are easy, strive for balance" -Jorge Carrillo

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Our Platform


  • We believe that education is critical to individual survival and critical values.
  • We believe that there should be multi-lingual and multi-cultural education to diversify.
  • We are proposing a federal law that help fund public schools so all children no matter what situation they're in can go to school.

Justice and Crime

  • We are looking to reform the criminal justice system in order to make it fair.
  • We will repeal the death penalty to all states to prevent lives that end unjustly.
  • Stop trials and imprisonment of juveniles as adults.
  • Stop unreasonable searches and seizures of their property.

Distribution of Income

  • We need to close the gap between the rich and the middle class.
  • Tax the rich to less pressure on low income families. Tax from the rich would fund public works.
  • Make tax rates progressive fall on to wealthy families.
  • Raise minimum wage.


  • Ending deportation of immigrants to prevent separation of families.
  • Remove restrictions of the U.S. boarders so immigrants can pursue the American Dream.
  • Demand full political rights for non U.S. citizens.

Gender Equality

  • Balance party supports Women's rights.
  • We are Pro-Choice when it comes to abortion.
  • We are looking to influence non-discrimination for employment of women by using affirmative action if it becomes problem in the company.