Leonardo - God of Electricity

By: Ramil Almojuela Block: 3B


Leonardo, being the god of electricity, can control anything that has a current running through it, such as phones, light bulbs, and generators. Absorbing electricity gives him more energy to attack oncoming enemies with his lightning strikes. They instantly stun and knockout anything that gets hit by them.

Physical Looks

His age is 54 in human years, which is about 472 in god years. His hair is half mixed with black and dark grey. He has a goatee that extends down to about his upper chest. His eyes are light grey, has a muscular body, and is 6'3".


He is married to a mortal named Crystal. They have two kids, one boy named Trin, and one girl named Leona. They all live in a kingdom named Demacia which is located 30 miles north from Gallifrey. Today their children are learning at the Summoners Rift, while the mother is a care taker of the home. The father is a commdander or the Jarvan army training others at the base of Noxus.