MAPSS Grant 2015 #MAPSS

Summer & Fall Progress

MAPSS Summer Institute 2015

Our first MAPSS Summer Institute was highly successful with 71 participants (K-8 teachers) in attendance from the 5 school districts. Teachers were able to gain new knowledge of problem-based and project-based learning. In addition, teachers gained extensive knowledge in the area of teacher leadership.

One of the outstanding features of this professional development was the opportunity teachers were allowed to have through the interactive PBL Camp. Partnering districts provided a total of 101 students that traveled to Wake Forest University's Bridger Field House for math problem-based learning activities. Typically professional development does not allow for teachers to experiment with newly learned strategies and resources. We were fortunate to utilize our MAPSS grant for this unique experience that grew teachers and students!

Partnering School Districts:

Year 1 Participants:

Alamance-Burlington Schools: 17 participants

Davidson County Schools: 20 participants

Lexington City Schools: 9 participants

Mount Airy City Schools: 9 participants

Randolph County Schools: 15 participants

MAPSS Summer Institute was a huge success!

When will participating teachers receive their stipends for attending the MAPSS Summer Institute?

  1. Each participant should fill out the professional development paperwork in their home district. This will show their participation and travel expenses. NOTE: Mileage reimbursement was calculated on 4 teachers per car from each district's central office to the WFU campus.
  2. As of Friday, August 14, 2015 all district contacts were provided with stipend information for all of their participating teachers.
  3. District contacts only should use the MAPSS website to access reimbursement forms for stipends, mileage, SWIVL camera accessories, and substitutes.
  4. All teacher stipends were $100 per day and were calculated based on daily sign-in sheets.

Continuing Education Credits for Teachers

All MAPSS participants were eligible to receive 7 CEUs for their 10 days at the Summer Institute. Certificates were issued via email to all teachers as of Friday, August 14, 2015. In addition, all district contacts received a district document showing all participants and their CEUs awarded. Certificates can be downloaded and printed by teachers, then submitted to their district to ensure they receive credit. An example of a MAPSS Summer Institute CEU certificate can be seen below.
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Penny Willard, MAPSS Grant Coordinator, Mount Airy City Schools

For any questions or concerns regarding our grant work please contact me directly using my contact information below.

Principals Meeting for MAPSS

Tuesday, Sep. 1st 2015 at 1:30pm

6205 Ramada Drive

Clemmons, NC

This meeting will help all participating principals to get a better understanding of what PBL will look like in their schools. They will also learn how they can best support their teachers and school with these new practices.

MAPSS Fall Retreat for Teachers- Day 1

Monday, Sep. 14th 2015 at 8am

499 Deacon Blvd

Winston-Salem, NC

Please note that on this day we will be in the Snead room, these were the rooms we used for our PBL camp during Summer Institute. Snead is located in the Bridger Field House so participants can park around the back and go in the 1st floor doors. Snead is located on the 2nd floor

MAPSS Fall Retreat for Teachers- Day 2

Tuesday, Sep. 15th 2015 at 8am

475 Deacon Boulevard

Winston-Salem, NC

Please note that on this day we will be in the Learning Center, this was our main room that was used during Summer Institute.

Thank You!!!

We would like to thank Wake Forest University for providing our group with a beautiful and inviting campus for two weeks of learning. They also did a fabulous job of making sure we ate well everyday and even had snacks in between! The team at CERTL- Dr. Stan Hill, Mary Green, Kelsey Doolittle, Kim Campbell and Stephen Robinson were all extremely helpful in making each day highly successful. We would also like to thank the team from University of Texas-Dallas- Dr. Joe Ferrara, Stephanie Tennyson and Silvia Saccon for traveling to North Carolina and helping us learn so much about PBL! Finally, we would like to say thank you to Dr. Larry Coble, Executive Director of PTEC for helping everyone grow as teacher leaders, it was enlightening to learn so much about ourselves.