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Hi Families,

This week was Safety Week at Greenbriar. We had a lock down drill and a severe weather drill. The students did a wonderful job of staying quiet and moving quickly to where they needed to go.

Mrs. Able sent the PARCC testing schedule via the lit serv. We will be starting these tests on the Monday that we return from Spring Break. In case you did not check that yet, it is as follows:

Monday, April 4th: 1:45-3:00
Tuesday, April 5th: 10:10-11:50 and 1:45-3:00
Wednesday, April 6th: 10:10-11:50 and 1:45-3:00
Thursday, April 7th: 10:10-11:50 and 1:45-3:00

Please note that the state requires each student to take all of the tests. If your child is absent for any reason, s/he will need to make up the test upon return.

Since we do not have school next Friday (Good Friday), we will NOT be introducing new Spelling and Vocabulary words.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Green and Ms. Ruiz


On Monday we celebrated Pi Day with several fun activities! We also learned about line plots and coordinate grids. They went a bit above and beyond the 5th grade curriculum and learned about the four quadrants of a grid and negative numbers.

Our test will be on Wednesday, March 23. Students received a Chapter 11 Review earlier this week. Below is a Khan Academy activity to review line plots as well as a quizlet to review some vocabulary. It would also be a good idea for students to do some practice of multiplying and dividing fractions using links from the class website.

Reading/Social Studies

In Reading this week, we continued studying nonfiction. This week we looked at the signpost, Extreme and Absolute Language. When students notice an author using Extreme or Absolute language, they should stop and ask why the author chose that language. The answer might help them to understand the author's point of view.

We also began delving into the causes of the Civil War by reading nonfiction texts over slavery and the Underground Railroad.


Students received their graded District Writing Assessments. They looked at the piece they wrote back in October and compared it to the one they just wrote. Students were able to reflect on all of the growth they have made as writer's this year. They should be very proud of themselves!

We also did some creative Leprechaun writing in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We read several leprechaun folktales and then students wrote their own! Ask your child about his/her story.


We finished up our Space Unit by having students present their R.A.F.T. projects. I was very impressed with the hard work they all put in. Their projects had great information and were entertaining to watch. We still have a couple more to present on Monday!

Students Hard at Work


  • Pi Day
  • Leprechaun Writing
  • R.A.F.T. Projects
  • Safety Week


  • Tuesday, March 22nd
  • School Board Meeting 7:00

  • Thursday, March 24th
  • Report Cards Distributed
  • Beach Day - wear your favorite beach attire

  • Friday, March 25th

  • Monday, March 28th - Friday, April 1st
  • Spring Break