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Dinosaur roar!

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Hello everyone.

We are all very excited this week as we have begun our unit on Dinosaurs! There has been a real Dinosaur Rumpus going on in the classroom, with lots of growling, stomping, chomping and roaring. Our question this week was 'What do we know about Dinosaurs?". The children know lots already. We know some of their names and that some could fly. We know some ate leaves and "strawberries" and some ate meat. To learn more we have been looking at pictures of different types of dinosaurs. At storytime we read Dinosaur Roar! and Dinosaur Bones. If your child has any special "Dinosaur artefacts" they would like to share with the class we would love to hear all about them.

Our budding Paleontologists!

Excavating for dinosaurs has been very popular! The children used brushes, tweezers and magnifying glasses to discover the dinosaurs buried underneath the sand.
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Show and Tell

Those fine motor skills had lots of exercise this week when we made mosaic window pictures. The children stuck tissue paper onto sticky contact paper to make their own 'stained-glass' dinosaur pictures. We love how the sun shines through them!

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How many........

.....children can fit into a Tyrannosaurus rex's footprint? We made a few guesses in class, ranging from 2 to 10 and then we tried it ourselves. We discovered that you can fit 15 children into our Tyrannosaurus rex's footprint!

We also counted dinosaurs independently and sorted them into their colors this week.

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Dino Jelly!

Our cooking class on Thursday found us making Dinosaur Jelly. The children took turns to help stir our jelly mix and then we trapped our Dinosaurs in cups before they could escape. We covered them in jelly mix and when they were ready on Friday we freed the Dinosaurs by eating the jelly. Yum yum! Parents: If you would like to assist with a Thursday cooking class please let me know.
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Wishing you all a great weekend!

Elementary School Principal/ Parent Coffee Morning - ES Conference Room

Thursday, Sep. 18th, 11am-12pm

International School Of Panama, Panama

Panama, Panama

The topic for September’s Elementary School Principal Coffee will focus on connection with children and discipline strategies. These are two topics that can sound disconnected, however research has shown that the better connections in our relationships with our children, the easier it is to work on behavior and discipline. Our PK teachers have begun implementing a new program this year called Conscious Discipline. This program uses what is known about how the brain works, along with adult behaviors and reactions to common child behaviors, to empower adults to change their self-discipline in order to better help children do the same. You can learn more about the program online at . We will be watching a training video in English during the coffee and then there will be time for discussion afterwards. For those who do not feel comfortable watching the whole video in English, there will be another discussion group in Spanish at the same time.

We hope you will join us!


If you have not done so already please send in a family photo . The children are really enjoying sharing their family pictures with the class. You can email one if it is easier -

Please continue giving your children healthy snacks for break time (for example - small pieces of fruit, yoghurt, small sandwiches, cheese), along with a water bottle each day. Sweets, chocolate and crisps should be kept for home please.

Don't forget is now every FRIDAY - please send your children in wearing PE uniform and suitable footwear. Long hair should be tied back.