Come Celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day

When is it?

Love Your Lawyer Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday of November. It was initiated in 2001 by the American Lawyers Public Image Association.

What is it?

Love Your Lawyer Day is a day about remembering and loving your lawyers for all the times they argued your case in court and helped you keep living your normal life.

Why does it exist?

Lawyers have been the targets of verbal bashing, out-of-proportion portrayals and literature for hundreds of years. The portrayal of lawyers in American pop culture, including on television and cinema, is largely negative, which promotes a negative stereotype of lawyers in society. Love Your Lawyer Day was created as a day to celebrate lawyers for their many positive contributions, and to encourage the public to look at lawyers in a better way.

Why should it be a bigger holiday?

There are multiple reasons why this holiday should be a larger holiday.

Reason 1: Lawyers need to feel appreciated in our communities for the things they do to help people.

Reason 2: Lawyers are a large part of our society that need to have a holiday of their own for their hard work in their area of profession.

Reason 3: Lawyers contribute largely to the society we have created. Without them, many innocent people could be jailed unfairly, while other people would not be able to compromise as easily in court. Therefore, they need a holiday in this country to honor them for the important work they do defending people.