The Light Bulb

By: Jordan Undeen

Creator, Purpose, and Uses

The Light bulb was created by Thomas Edison. The purpose of the Light bulb was to have light when the sun wasn't shining. The Light Bulb is used for making a room or place dark when the sun is not shining. It will change your life by being able to do more stuff at night time when you need light.

Quote about Light Bulb

"The electric light has caused me the greatest amount of study and has required the most elaborate experiments.... Although I was never myself discouraged or hopeless of its success, I can not say the same for my associates.... Through all of the years of experimenting with it, I never once made an associated discovery. It was deductive... The results I achieved were the consequence of invention - pure and simple. I would construct and work along various lines until I found them untenable. When one theory was discarded, I developed another at once. I realized very early that this was the only possible way for me to work out all the problems. - Thomas Edison