RosaLynna S.

Student Youngest child soon to be nurse

about me

I live in Nebraska. I am very shy and quit person! I don't like to talk infront of a whole lot of people or I would freeze up and not no what to say! I get very quit and shy when I talk to people I don't really know. I like to draw and cook at home after school. I love art classes. I like to read little kid books . I don't like it when I stand out in a group of people I like to stay in the shadows of other people and not be noticed ever. I like instruments like the piano or the guitar.I love to go to the movies and go bowling or go to the mall and play with anything and everything. I can be very loud with people I know. I like to go swimming and go to the park. I love animals
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facts about me

I have everything planned out for my life
one of my art projects was in the art show
i love pugs