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Weekly Newsletter: May 20th, 2016

Aurora Public School's Energy & Sustainability Report 2015-2016

Read more about our efforts online at maintop.aurorak12.org or see for yourself how our buildings are performing at www.buildingdashboard.com/clients/aps
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Keep moving forward!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a great week---since there's only one more (technically) left for this school year!

Time to ramp up, or ramp down, I guess...

We're on par to save $150,000 this semester in energy costs, of which 20% will go directly back to our Green Star Schools that have shown a sustained reduction in energy use over the semester and have fostered a highly engaged student group. Here's a list of GSSP schools in case you'd like to see the competition, er, I mean those participating:

  • Arkansas
  • Aurora Frontier
  • Aurora Central
  • Aurora Hills
  • Boston K8
  • Century
  • Columbia
  • Crawford
  • Dartmouth
  • East
  • Elkhart
  • Fletcher
  • Dalton
  • Fulton
  • Gateway
  • Hinkley
  • Iowa
  • Jewell
  • Kenton
  • Lansing
  • Laredo
  • Rangeview
  • Lyn Knoll
  • Mrachek
  • North
  • Park Lane
  • Peoria
  • Sixth Ave
  • South
  • Vassar
  • Virginia Court
  • Vista Peak Exploratory
  • Vista Peak Prep
  • Wheeling
  • William Smith

So, please consider flipping that light switch, unplugging that promethean board, and turning off your computers, laptops, ipads, and desktops for the upcoming weekend.

Energy Conservation needs everyone to participate! Here's what you can do TODAY:

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7 days and counting for the Energy Challenge Competition!

Every action counts and this is the last week to save energy and earn cash incentives for your school!

Air conditioning our buildings is a top energy waster and really unnecessary.

BUT, going back and forth between heating and cooling is even worse.

Consider a sweater if your building is too cold or convince your building to reduce the air conditioning by just a couple degrees.

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All of these great efforts add up over time.

More than $500,000 has been calculated in savings for energy conservation over the last two years. You and your student's efforts are a big contribution!

Buildings account for 38% of the USA's carbon emissions and

air conditioning accounts for nearly 15% of Aurora Public School's utility bills or roughly more than $1.2 million dollars.

$1.2 million dollars for air conditioning?!

We can do better.

"What I stand for, is what I stand on." -Wendell Berry, an American Farmer

inˌvīrənˈmen(t)l ejəˈkāSH(ə)n

Environmental education (EE) [1] is a life-long learning process that increases awareness about the environment and its systems while developing critical-thinking skills that enable responsible decision-making. EE builds knowledge and skills in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and allows opportunities to apply those skills.

  • How do you define Environmental Education?
  • Could you provide an example of how you've integrated EE in your classroom?
  • Share your thoughts on Twitter @apsgreenstars

wastED 1.0

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling is only the beginning!

More than 80% of our district's trash is FOOD WASTE.

New for 2016-2017 is the Composting in the Cafeteria Program and an innovative partnership with We Don't Waste for schools to donate uneaten/unopened food to benefit shelters and food banks.

Interested in becoming a participant in one or both programs? AND badging your students for their efforts and project based learning opportunities?!

Email Julie at jenorth@aps.k12.co.us

See some place based learning programs at Aurora West and how the students took it upon themselves to find a solution:

Reusable Grocery Bags feature APS Student's Art!

Aurora Public Schools partnered with the City of Aurora to roll out the first annual "Let's Keep It Clean" Anti-Litter Campaign Poster Contest.

Pick up your reusable bag at locally participating grocery stores around town!

Artwork will be displayed at the Aurora Municipal Building on the 2nd Floor until May 23rd!

Also, the following students are being recognized for their art work:

  • Alex Staton, Vassar Elementary
1st Prize ($75 gift card to Aurora Recreation Centers and design on reusable bag)
  • Taryn Montgomery, William Smith High School
Finalist ($50 gift card to Aurora Recreation Centers)
  • Angela Vargas, Hinkley High School
Finalist ($50 gift card to Aurora Recreation Centers)
  • Zahid Reyes, Fletcher Community School
Finalist ($50 gift card to Aurora Recreation Centers)

Beeeeeeeeeeeees the change you wish you see in the world!

We've all heard about declining honeybee populations over the last few years, but what does it really mean?

Could we survive without them?

How do they help pollinate food sources?

And what do they pollinate?

Are we allowed to have hives on school property?

Learn more about honeybee populations right here in the Denver Metro area and consider adopting a hive over the summer. Click on the link below:


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Here's to another week (the last one for the school year!) of project based learning, environmental education, and going green at Aurora Public Schools!

Have a safe and fun summer break!!

Julie North

Natural & Renewable Resources Coordinator

Aurora Public Schools


ext. 28668

Mobile: 720-400-3148