Stanford University

Leland Stanford Junior University


Stanford University is located in Stanford, California.
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Stanford University opened up October 1, 1891 by Leland Stanford. He purchased land to build a farm home and a farm stock but later opened it up as a college after his 15 year old son died of typhoid fever.

In-State Tuition

The in-state tuition for an undergraduate is $44,757, but for an graduate it is $42,690.

Room and Board Fees for Freshmen-

The Room and Board fees for freshmen is $14,107.


There are many activities you can get into at Stanford including, the photography club which focuses oh different kinds of photography and how to take effective pictures .AME club, which stands for, Arts, Music, And Entertainment, and it focuses on different kinds of arts and how to use them correctly for entertainment .Energy club, which focuses on different types of natural energy and how people can effectively use them.

Financial Aid

The deadline for Student Financial Aid is October 1.

First and Second choice for Majors

My first major is Pre-med but before I can take that I have to take Biology, physics, organic chemistry, and general chemistry. My second major is psychology.

What I will do with my degree

With my pre-med, I will end up going to med school so I can become a surgeon. For my psychology major I will be a psychologist.

Base Salary

The Base Salary for a surgeon is about $251,115. A psychologist's base salary is $70,650.

Three Admission Requirements

The required GPA for Stanford is a 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. The SAT score is 2210 and the ACT score is 33 and you have to have two letters of recommendations.

Why I Chose It

Stanford is one of the most competitive schools out there and it is one of the top five schools in the country. It has a great medical school and a great education program. (Creds to Coach McDonald)

Interesting things about stanford

Fountain Hopping- Stanford has a history of getting into fountains and hopping around, usually by freshmen at Freshmen Orientation.

Legally Blonde- The movie Legally Blonde was written after a law student from Stanford graduated.

Hoover Tower- A tour spot for visitors and students and very historical.