Dear John

Book Project

Amrin Haque Period: 4

Name of Book: Dear John

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Number of pages: 335

Genre: Drama

Lexile: 850


John: He was a tough army man whose life was sad and full of dissapointment changed when Savannah, a girl from college had come to build homes for people came to John's hometown while he was on vacation to meet his dad. He had met her by saving her bag and they went for a walk. More and more time went by and he became more calm and started to love her. He had changed from a tough army man to a more matured man who was calm.

Tim (minor character): When John had gone back to Germany he had to leave Savannah. He was suppose to marry Savannah when he came back but she was married to Tim. Tim is an easy going man who was good friends with Savannah. When he found out he was heartbroken and lost. When he went to meet Tim he was in a hospital. He was about to die because Tim and Savannah didn't have enough money even after donations. When John left he gave all of his dad's precious coin collection that was worth heavy amount of money. He donated it and said it was anonymous. This also caused John to also be a caring, giving man at the end.

Effective Ending?

I think it was an effective ending because it was said in the beginning that Tim always did love Savannah but he never did say. After all of the arguments John and Savannah had I guessed that something bad had to happen between them and all of the stuff that John worried about between them was starting to come true. I knew they wouldn't be together or he would leave her after they got married.

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