The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas

Author john boyne

The boy in the striped pajamas is a great book based of the life of Bruno who was a young boy during the holocaust which was an event that took place in WWII when jews were put in concentration camps also known as death camps. In which the jews were killed by Nazis ordered upon by Adolf Hitler who was the leader of Germany no one knows for sure if every outside person knew what Hitler was doing. Bruno is a young boy during the holocaust he has his sister Gretel who is also a main character in the move and then there is there parents there is a boy in concentration camp shmuel he is the person the book is named after because are narrator Bruno does not see him as a jew in concentration camp but just a boy with pajamas on behind a fence Shmuel and Bruno become best friends and even play games through the fence Gretel is worried about Bruno she doesn't think it is a good idea for him to be around Shmuel but Bruno is very stubborn and refused to believe what she was saying because Shmuel is the only friend Bruno really has everyone else is pretty much rude to Bruno they do not treat him like a human but more like a dying dog they show no concern for his feelings and that is why I think the boy in the stripped pajamas is a great representation of the Holocaust of the 1940's