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There are many types of birds. With 10,000 species and over three billion types of birds, they are one of the biggest population of animals. Birds come in many different colors and sizes, from bright blue to a dark black. Birds normally have a long life (except for the occasional time they get hit by cars). Some can live up to 40 years or over. Birds also range in different size. The smallest bird is the bee hummingbird and is only two cm. long. The largest bird is the ostrich and it is nine feet long. The most common bird is the chicken. There are five billion chickens in the world and they are mainly used for food. Birds that that have the ability to fly have hollow bones. There are many birds and are more to be discovered.

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nursery rhyme article


On March 7, 1929, Miss Andell was caught abusing John Doe’s horse, Dapple Gray. Miss Andell says, “I was just giving a horse what it deserves.”

John Doe says otherwise. It is my horse and I lent it to you and I was expecting him back healthy and strong.” John Doe sued Miss Andell and they will both be going to court April 12, 1929. If Miss Andell is found guilty she will have to pay a $10,000 fine for horse abuse and another $1000 fine for treating John’s property with disrespect. If she does not pay off the fine, she will go to jail. Dapple Gray will be in the horse hospital recovering from whip lashes, sore feet, and minor fractures. He will possibly be out of the hospital on the summer solstice.

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favorite app

Pet Rescue

My favorite video game is Pet Rescue. In this game you need to tap the same color of blocks to get rid of them and get every pet to the bottom and out of their cages. It is really fun. Sometimes it takes a month or two to pass a level. When you accomplish it, you feel really good.

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the penguins of madagascar

The Penguins Of Madagascar

This movie is one of the greatest movies in the history of movie making. (At least in my opinion). This movie is about the four penguins from the movie Madagascar, Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private. s There is a mean octopus who is holding a grudge against penguins, because he got kicked out of zoos because the penguins are getting more attention than him. The penguins escape and meet up with an organization called North Wind who are devoted to helping protect animals who can’t protect themselves. Everyone thinks that Private is to cute and cuddly to protect himself. When he gets kidnapped by Dave the octopus, everyone is worried about his safety . The animals from North Wind and the other three penguins go to rescue him. All the other animals get captured and Private manages to escape. Dave turns all the penguins into scary monsters. Eventually, Private, the little penguin everyone thought was weak managed to save everyone. Dave is eventually defeated and good prevails over evil. This great movie shows that no matter how small, you are mighty.
Penguins of Madagascar TRAILER 2 (2014) Benedict Cumberbatch Animated Movie HD


The life of Kenny Mitchell

This is the life story of Kenny Mitchell. His story is a great life of fun and adventures. He went to Norfolk High School and graduated 37th in his class. He did band and orchestra and was good at the instruments he played. During high school, he had a pretty well paying job at the Norfolk Public Library. After high school, he went to pursue his dreams of becoming a band and orchestra teacher. He went to Northeast Community College for two years and then went to the University of South Dakota (USD) and he majored in music. Now he is working as a band and orchestra teacher. At this point, he is gorgeous with only a few bald spots and four or five patches of grey hair. He is currently single and is living in Norfolk, Nebraska. His favorite hobby is reading and he wants to travel to Africa.
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